New Dance
Actions Title Choreographer User Formation
40 Years of Penguin Pam Seth Tepfer Seth Tepfer Becket
Across Nottingham A Cary Ravitz Dave Morse improper then L1 and G2 swap places
Across the Ohio Cary Ravitz Dave Morse Becket
Airpants Lisa Greenleaf Allison improper
Airpants upstream variation Lisa Greenleaf Dave Morse improper
Allison Wonderland Bob Green Allison improper
Apples and Concord Grapes Yoyo Zhou Allison Becket ccw
Autumn Air Cary Ravitz Dave Morse Becket
Bee in her Bonnet John Coffman Allison improper
Bowl of Cherries Sue Rosen Allison Duple improper
Box the Gnat Contra - Swat the Flea variation Becky Hill Dave Morse improper
Butter Gene Hubert Dave Morse Becket
By My Valentine variation Ted Sannella Dave Morse Becket ccw
Call Me Cary Ravitz Dave Morse Becket ccw
Catch Me If You Can Jim Hemphill Allison improper. Short wave
Caveman Jim Hemphill Allison Becket
Chris' Poetic Orangutan Yoyo Zhou Dave Morse Becket
Chuck the Budgie Rick Mohr Dave Morse improper
Crossroads Contra Nicholas Rockstroh Nicholas Rockstroh Becket (Clockwise)
Dar Trek Cary Ravitz Dave Morse Becket ccw
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Dale Wilson Allison improper
Frederich Reel Tom Hinds Allison improper
Galopede Chestnut Allison Proper Or Improper
Get Me Going Lisa Greenleaf Allison duple improper
Happy Trails to You Dean Snipes Dave Morse Becket
Hay in the Barn Chart Guthrie Dave Morse improper
Howl at the Moon Nicholas Rockstroh Dave Morse improper
I ♥ Unicorns Don Veino Dave Morse improper
Jefferson's Remorse Bob Green Allison Duple Improper
Lanier Equation Bob Isaacs Allison Becket
Leap Dance Ted Crane Allison improper
Liz's steady hand John Coffman Dave Morse improper
Mad Robin in Love Greg Frock Greg Frock improper
March of the Coffee Zombies Cary Ravitz Dave Morse Becket
Monday Jim Hemphill Allison improper
Monophobia Peter Foster Allison Becket
Mood Ring Lisa Sieverts Lisa Sieverts Becket
November Night Jim Hemphill Allison improper
Pete's Dark Roast Andy Shore Andy Shore Becket
Pittsboro Pattycake Gene Hubert Dave Morse improper
Pizza Shop Yoyo Zhou Dave Morse Becket
Push Me Pull You Two Jim Hemphill Dave Morse improper
Rang Tang Contra Ridge Kennedy Dave Morse improper
Roll, Roll, Roll your Beau Dale Wilson Dave Morse Becket
Sarah's Journey Gene Hubert Allison improper
Scooter Tom Hinds Dave Morse Becket
Seven Sevens Jim Kitch Nicholas Rockstroh Becket (Counterclockwise)
Songbird Cary Ravitz Dave Morse Becket
Spin Blend Jim Hemphill Allison Becket
Summer of '84 Gene Hubert Dave Morse improper
Summer Sun Nicholas Rockstroh Dave Morse improper
Surfing the Set Bob Isaacs and Richard Alan Fisher Allison improper
Taнцуем We Are Dancing Eric Black Dave Morse improper
The Baby Rose David Kaynor Dave Morse improper
The Big Bicep Jim Hemphill Allison Becket
The Rendezvous Dan Pearl Dave Morse improper
The Tease Tom Hinds Dave Morse improper
The Traffic on Chestnut is Terrible Joe Wilkie Joe Wilkie Becket
The Wrong Way Rona Wiener Rona Wiener Becket
Thinking of Quinn Linda Leslie Dave Morse improper
Truffles for Breakfast Joy Greenwolfe Allison Progressed Improper (wait out like Becket)
United We Dance Bob Isaacs Allison improper; start long wavy lines gents facing out
XYZ Bob Green Dave Morse improper