Cape Mixer

by: Joe Surdyk

formation: circle mixer

circle right 4 places
all to middle & back out
ladles to middle & back out
gentlespoons to middle
neighbors do si do once - gents ID ladle to the right of your partner
neighbors swing - now your neighbor is your partner
partners promenade for 16 and reform circle - turn into center with lady on right, all join hands

your neighbor is now called your partner once you promenade them

the dance starts out with Circle right (8 counts of music). The circle right can be slow moving or fast as long as they're ready to go into the middle after 8 counts. Circle right 4 places sounds confusing to me. A suggestion in the dance you called that ended with, California twirl your partner. You have just previously circled left. All four balance the circle and then California twirl works well because you already have your partner's inside hand. Joe.

User: Allison Jonjak