2017-11-13 Louisville Contra Dance

user: Chet Gray

Table of Contents

  1. La String Bean (beginner's workshop)

  2. ABC

  3. Becket in the Kitchen by Becky Hill
  4. Friday Night Fever by Tony Parkes
  5. Frock's Rockin' Frolic by Will Mentor
  6. Salute to Larry Jennings

  7. The Merry-Go-Round

  8. Trip to Kentucky (variation) by Jerome Grisanti
  9. Becky's Brouhaha by Rhiannon Giddens
  10. Penicillin by Nicholas Rockstroh
  11. Eleanor's Reel

La String Bean (beginner's workshop)


Becket in the Kitchen

by: Becky Hill

This dance is not published.

Friday Night Fever

by: Tony Parkes

This dance is not published.

Frock's Rockin' Frolic

by: Will Mentor

This dance is not published.

Salute to Larry Jennings

The Merry-Go-Round

Trip to Kentucky (variation)

by: Jerome Grisanti

This dance is not published.

Becky's Brouhaha

by: Rhiannon Giddens

This dance is not published.


by: Nicholas Rockstroh


introduces moves: do si do, swing, long lines, roll away, allemande, gyre, petronella, balance the ring, pass through

formation: improper

neighbors do si do once
neighbors swing
long lines forward
ladles roll away neighbors with a half sashay
ladles allemande left 1½
partners gyre once meltdown to
partners swing -end in ring of 4
balance & petronella spin right one place
balance the ring
pass through for 4

Notes: Written to medley with Steve Zakon-Anderson and Louis Cromartie’s dance Salmonella Evening. Preserves the progression from that dance while doing some different stuff beforehand. Perfectly enjoyable on its own, but the name only makes sense in the context of the medley. Inspired by a conversation I had with Josiah Roberts.

Eleanor's Reel