Happy Jew Queer

hook: disorientingly smooth, double shadow, roll > swing

by: Maia McCormick

formation: Becket ccw

At the beginning of the dance, shadow #1 is beyond your partner, shadow #2 is beyond them.

A1 8
ladles chain to neighbor
neighbors promenade
A2 6
circle right 3 places
ladles roll away partners with a half sashay
left diagonal ladles chain to next neighbor ⁋
B1 8
right diagonal ladles chain to shadow #2
circle left 4 places with shadow #1 (turn away from the one you just chained to)
B2 4
gentlespoons roll away shadows with a half sashay
partners swing

Written for Zoë Madonna around New Years 2016 because she wanted a dance with a roll away into a swing, and workshopped by some lovely dancers at NEFFA ‘16. All roll aways include a half-sashay.

Encourage dancers to take their time with the promenade in A1, as promenades out of a courtesy turn take less time than usual. In A1, chain with the neighbors straight across (these will be new neighbors).


user: Maia McCormick

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