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Pigtown Petronella

by: Cary Ravitz

introduces moves: allemande, swing, right left through, chain, petronella, turn alone

formation: Becket ccw

Double progression.

In long lines, your partner is in one hand, your shadow is in the other hand.

A1 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
neighbors swing
A2 8
right left through
left diagonal ladles chain to shadow (only if there is someone there) ⁋
B1 8
balance & petronella
turn alone to face a new neighbor ⁋
balance & petronella
B2 0
turn alone to face your partner
partners balance & swing

Note the similarity to Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion. The chain is to the diagonal left here, so at the end of B1 you must face a new set of four to find your partner.

YouTube, 2, 3

Firefly Pedicabs

by: Rick Mohr

introduces moves: balance the ring, circle, custom, promenade

formation: improper, reverse progression

A1 4
balance the ring
neighbors swing
A2 8
left diagonal right left through
circle left 3 places
B1 8
with original neighbor, weave the line -zig left past current couple, zag right past next couple, zig left to partner
partners swing
B2 8
partners promenade - wide loop to face new neighbors
balance the ring

Rick Mohr notes: A fresh all-moving dance offering a weaving reunion with partner and a nice reverse progression.

The figures are straightforward. The end effects are numerous, but intuitive when dancers orient themselves to prepare for the next figure. If out after the A2 right and left through, stand across from partner to prepare for the zig-zag. If out during the B1 zig-zag, California Twirl to face the set. If out during the B2 half promenade, cross the set to prepare for the right and left through. No problem!

Firefly pedicabs brought fanciful pedal-powered magic to Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Parkway at twilight. Somehow this dance reminds me of that merry experience.

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