What is ContraDB?

Callers: have you ever forgotten your calling cards? Ever needed to make a last-second change to your program of dances? Ever figured out a way to improve a widely-called dance, but haven't had a way to share it widely?

With ContraDB you can store your contra dances in the cloud, access them from any net-connected browser, arrange multiple dances into programs, analyze your creations, and remix variations on others' published work.

ContraDB is easy to use.

ContraDB is Free software, released under the AGPL3 license. The source code is on Github.

ContraDB needs your help! It urgently needs dances. Have you written dances that you could contribute into the DB? Do you have permission from a choreographer to post their work? Do you have programming and/or sys-admin skills that can aid development? ContraDB needs all these things.

ContraDB makes it easier for you to convene great contra dances.

Code louisville

ContraDB began as a student project for Code Louisville. Thank you, Code Louisville for your support!

Original root page photo copyright Julia C. Chambers, used with permission.

ContraDB copyright 2015,2016,2017 by David Morse.