Apples and Concord Grapes

by: Yoyo Zhou

formation: Becket ccw

circle left 3 places
neighbors swing
hey, gentlespoons lead passing left; end in long wave with gents facing in, ladles facing out, neighbor in right hand
balance the wave
to ocean wave slide right to ocean wave left hand to New Neighbor
balance the wave
slide left along set for 4 to new neighbors
neighbors allemande right ½ for 2
ladles allemande left ½ for 2
partners swing for 12

Teaching notes:
At B1, identify N2 (beyond N1). Step past N1, then rotate right 1/4 to face up/down and take left hands with N2.
Named for the fruit we picked in Grass Valley and brought to the potluck table at Fall Has Sprung in 2012. Some inspiration from Sue Rosen's Apples and Chocolate.

User: Allison Jonjak