The Country of Marriage

by: Susan Kevra

formation: Becket

circle left 3 places
neighbors do si do once to a short wave
balance the wave
ladles allemande left once for 4
neighbors swing
neighbors promenade
gentlespoons allemande right ¾ for 4 to a fleeting long line
gentlespoons allemande left ½ for 4 immediately with the next
meanwhile ladles slide left to meet partner for a
partners balance & swing

Susan notes "at the end, wait out on side in Becket formation, so the gents can join in on the "zig-zag chain"* in B1. Next round of the dance starts with the couple containing the gents from the allemande Left.

*a la Mary Cay's Reel by David Kaynor

User: Allison Jonjak