Star of the County Alameda

by: Yoyo Zhou

formation: improper

neighbors balance & box the gnat
star right 4 places
pull by right across the set for 4 w/partner
neighbors swing for 12
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
partners swing
partners promenade
star left 3 places for 6
pull by left w/neighbor

Composed September 11, 2012

Choreographer's notes:

Often, when we pull across by the right hand, if we hold on too long, it leads to ladies turning over their right shoulder, which is bad for e.g. a right and left thru. But in this dance, it's good flow for the ladies to keep turning right into the N swing.
Teaching notes:
* B2 needs to be zippy. After the star 3 places, we've come to original place.

User: Devin J. Pohly