Lunt Birthday Waltz

by: Chris Ricciotti

formation: improper - waltz tempo

circle left 4 places
half poussette - gentlespoons pull partners back then left for 8 | men backing up, poussette ¾ till men are back to back in the center
partners allemande right once
gentlespoons allemande left ½ for 4
neighbors box the gnat - ladles are now back to back
half hey, gentlespoons lead "gyre hey" - gents cross ladles don't
neighbors gyre ½ for 2
gentlespoons gyre left shoulders ½ for 2
partners gyre once for 4 , end in ballroom hold
waltz 1 1/4 around Neighbors
open up to face new Neighbors, hands four

Written to celebrate the 50th birthday of contra dancer Lisa Lunt, 5/21/16

Dance entry notes: pousette is actually 3/4

User: Allison Jonjak