A 60th Birthday Dance (for Chris Deephouse)

down the hall and thread the needle

by: Donna Hunt

formation: Becket

next neighbors are on the left diagonal

partners promenade (and progress CCW around set one place to meet new Neighbors)
to ocean wave ladles have left in center, partner in right
partners allemande right ½ for 6
gentlespoons pull by right
neighbors swing , end facing down hall
down the hall and thread the needle
up the hall and bend into a ring
balance & petronella
partners swing

Thread the needle = all four hold hands, gentlespoons on end make arch with neighbor and ladle on the other end go under arch while gent on end walks around to invert the line (couples change sides of the set)---ladle in the middle twirl under her arm---and face up

User: Allison Jonjak