Weave Me the Sunshine

zigzag hey, double progression

by: Dale Rempert

formation: Becket ccw

gentlespoons allemande left ½ for 4
to ocean wave for 2
balance for 2
neighbors swing
right left through
ladles chain
left diagonal half hey, ladles lead
half hey, ladles lead
partners balance & swing

This dance is really much simpler than it first appears. Dale calls this combination of heys a "zigzag hey". Dale teaches the heys by having the dancers identify the people they will trade places with, first
on the diagonal then across the hall. Most dancers catch on pretty quickly that the two heys should be blended into one. (In other words, the ladle never stops between the two 1/2 heys.)

As in all double progression dances an odd number of couples is preferred. The odd couple stands in the gentlespoons' line

User: Allison Jonjak