Sidmouth Swirl

spin the top

by: Bob Isaacs

formation: four face four

long lines forward & back
circle right 4 places with all 8
____ allemande left once for 6 your corner
right left grand for 10
all 8 spin the top *
all 8 spin the top**
partners balance & swing

Partner allemande R 1/2, ladles star L 3/4 and gentlespoons move up one place
Partner allemande R 1/2, gents star L 3/4 and ladles move up one place

Bob's notes: Written on June 11, 2017, and first called on August 8 at the Sidmouth Folk Week in Sidmuth, UK. I had a great time at Sidmuth, and was happy to share this one with the home audience. It received lots of positive comments, as the All 8 Spin the Top is one of the few MWSD Plus figures accessible to contra dancers.

User: Allison Jonjak