Wizard's Walk Ted Steele A2

NYE favorite with Grand Square

by: Ruth Ungar

formation: improper

circle left 2 places for 4
balance the ring
circle left 2 places for 4
balance the ring
neighbors pull by right "mini grand right left"
partners pull by left
neighbors pull by right
partners pull by left
neighbors gyre 1½
partners balance & swing across the set, end facing original direction (ones down, twos up)
wizard's walk: for 16 Ones separate around the twos. Ones split the next twos. Back up around the twos, split the original twos. Ones end where they started WW.

Teaching Notes: 1s separate and go down outside 2s, meet and continue down to split next 2s; 1s now separate and back up outside those 2s, meet and back through previous 2s ready to form the circle to start the dance again the 2s should oscillate in and out to make room for the 1s

Ruthie Ungar's original and notes at Published in GEMS, the CDSS Diamond Jubilee contest book

To be danced to Jay Ungar's tune of the same name.
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User: Allison Jonjak