A. O. 's No-No Software Testing

out of set stars, figure crossing B1 and B2

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket

To ensure dancers orient correctly at end of hey, at beginning of walk through have dancers note the couple on the left diagonal as their next neighbors.

Then note that hey starts with current neighbors.

hey, gentlespoons lead for 12 by the left until neighbors meet a second time
neighbors pass by right shoulders
turn alone right and walk along set to face next neighbor for 2
next neighbors gyre left shoulders once
neighbors swing , end facing across
star left 4 places
star right 5 places for 10 with next neighbors,
gentlespoons turn alone
partners swing for 10

Michael Fuerst notes:
Dancers reaching the end of the set just face back in with the men on the left and await the right hand star.

The star right in B1 runs into the first 2-4 beats of B2. Debuted at the August 1993 Sugar Hill dance weekend outside Bloomington Indiana. The dance's name came from Al Olson's objection to this overflow from B1, despite other dancers' very positive reaction.

User: Allison Jonjak