Across Nottingham A

by: Cary Ravitz

formation: improper then L1 and G2 swap places

A1 twos hey by the left for 16
A2 neighbors trade places, ones behind twos for 3
circle right 4 places for 10 no hands, eye contact!
ladles trade places across, ladle1 behind ladle2 for 3
B1 partners balance & swing
B2 circle left 3 places pass through to new (first corner is now on caller's left)
custom First corner (G1L2) do\_si\_do, Second corner allemande right 1.5


Variation: makes the hey a ricochet. Not with your same-role person, but with your partner(!).

A less dizzy start of B2 for either version - gentlespoons start a hands across star left and ladles fall in behind your partner, from initial positions, turn the star 1 for gentlespoons and 1/2 for ladles. should bring support for twos hey.

User: Dave Morse