Convene great dances with ContraDB

What's faster than a pack of index cards, can't be lost, and lets you search your favorite figure combinations? It's—sculpt programs choosing from every dance in your box, instead of just the ones with catchy names.

Today you can

  • enter a dance with your smartphone, as fast as you could write a card
  • find figure combinations (or exclude figures) to match your audience
  • see dances in your own dialect, share dances in your own dialect --- when logged in, head to dialects to customize your terms
  • create programs

Future you will also be able to

  • vizualize and analyze your program as you create it
  • sort and index dances with tags

If these goals improve your life too, enter dances, use the search, and create programs.

ContraDB is Free software, released under the AGPL3 license. The source code is on Github.

ContraDB copyright 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020 by David Morse.