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01.12.18-Harrisburg, Pa Karl Senseman
01.16.18-State College, Pa (band Smash the Windows) Karl Senseman
03.01.19_State_College_Pa - Unbowed (Henry Koretzkey & Todd Clewell) Karl Senseman
05.09.18-Lovely Lane, Baltimore,Md (band: Open_Band) Karl Senseman
05.25.18-Harrisburg Area Contra (band: Strings on Wings) Karl Senseman
08.08.18-Lovely Lane, Baltimore, Md Karl Senseman
11.10.17, Locust Lane, Harrisburg, Pa. (band Unbowed) Karl Senseman
12.08.18-Lewisburg, Pa (band Strath Hanna) Karl Senseman
12.10.17-Lewisburg, PA (band Lux Bridge Karl Senseman
19-12-09 Louisville Techno Contra Ned McNeil
20-01-06 Louisville Ned McNeil
20-01-10 Lexington Ned McNeil
2016-02-22, Louisville Country Dancers, Euphor Chet Gray
2016-02-22: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
20160305callersChoice with Three Crooked Men Allison Jonjak
2016-03-14: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
20160320 Complex Dances dla Rzeszowa Allison Jonjak
20160320 Simple Dances dla Rzeszowa Allison Jonjak
2016-04-11: Louisville, KY (Euphor) Chet Gray
2016-05-29: Louisville, KY (open calling) Chet Gray
2016-07-25: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2016-08-15: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2016-09-26: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2016-10-10: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2016-12-05: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2017-01-02: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2017-01-09: Cincinnati, OH (Sweet Corn String Band) Chet Gray
2017-03-20: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2017-05-01: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
20170506callersChoice with Ragged Robin Allison Jonjak
20170603callersChoice with Ragged Robin Allison Jonjak
2017-08-13: CDSS American Week Dance Exchange Allison Jonjak
2017-09-01: Urbana, IL (Snakeroot) Chet Gray
2017-09-11: Louisville, KY (PLANNING) Chet Gray
20171007 Jim Mariah Silver Anniversary with Roger Wilco Allison Jonjak
20171028capeGirardeau Allison Jonjak
2017-11-13: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2017-12-30: Bloomington, IN (Keltricity) Chet Gray
2017-12-31: New Year's Eve, Louisville, KY (Hot Coffee Breakdown) Chet Gray
2018-01-22: Louisville, KY (open calling) Chet Gray
20180214callingParty Allison Jonjak
20180228New Dances to Try Allison Jonjak
2018-04-09: Cincinnati, OH (Erin Ways) Chet Gray
2018-04-16: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
20180505 Caller's Choice with Boney Goat String Band Allison Jonjak
2018-05-19: St. Louis, MO (Chirps Smith & Friends) Chet Gray
20180602 Caller's Choice with Lonely Mountain Duo Allison Jonjak
2018-06-04: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2018-06-18: Louisville, KY (open calling) Chet Gray
2018-06-25 Chicago Devin J. Pohly
20180627 Actualized Stone Lake WI with Second Wind String Band Allison Jonjak
20180627 Stone Lake WI with Second Wind String Band Allison Jonjak
2018-07-30: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
20180815 Free Outdoor Green Lake with Open Band Allison Jonjak
20180815 Green Lake Outdoor Open Band Allison Jonjak
20180824 sugar hill Allison Jonjak
20181123 Actualized Stone Lake with Second Wind String Band Allison Jonjak
20181123 Stone Lake with Second Wind String Band Allison Jonjak
20181202 Caller's Choice with Ramblin' Rosies Allison Jonjak
20181215 Childgrove with Stringdancer for 75th birthday Allison Jonjak
2019-01-07: Chicago, IL (Steve Rosen & Friends) Chet Gray
2019-01-08: Indianapolis, IN (Cathy Morris & Dianna Davis) Chet Gray
2019-01-08: Indianapolis, IN (PLANNING) Chet Gray
2019-01-28: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2019-01-28: Louisville, KY (PLANNING) Chet Gray
2019-03-03: St. Louis, MO (Hot Coffee Breakdown) Chet Gray
2019-03-25: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
2019-05-25: Meet Me in St Louis, Mind-Bending Contras (Turnip the Beet) Chet Gray
20190606 Portland Intown Contra Ezra Smith
2019-07-30: Indianapolis, IN (planning) Chet Gray
2019-09-09: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
20190926 Portland Intown Contra Ezra Smith
20190926 Portland Intown Contra (Backup Dances) Ezra Smith
2019-10-07: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
20191129 Stone Lake with Second Wind String Band Allison Jonjak
20191207 Orono Maine (Easier) Ezra Smith
20191207 Orono Maine (Harder) Ezra Smith
20200104 STL Callers Choice with Blind Pig Allison Jonjak
2020-01-13: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
Allison Dances to Try Allison Jonjak
August Caller's Choice Dave Morse
Berkeley 15/01/2020 Dane Wallinga
Berkeley 6/11/2019 Dane Wallinga
Bloomington, IN 2019-07-31 Nicholas Rockstroh
Bloomington, IN 2019-12-18 Nicholas Rockstroh
Caller Course Prep Moose Flores
CBDC 2019-12-23 Moose Flores
Charlotte Monday Night Dance 11/18/19 Dean Hooks Jr
Choreographers I know Moose Flores
Cincinnati, OH 2019-09-09 Nicholas Rockstroh
Cincinnati, OH 2019-11-18 Nicholas Rockstroh
Cincinnati, OH 2019-12-30 Nicholas Rockstroh
Cincinnati, OH 2020-01-13 Nicholas Rockstroh
Contra Fusion 14 Apr 18 Robin Banerji
Dances to save Moose Flores
Dave's calling log Dave Morse
Dave wants to call these Dave Morse
Easy fallback dances Adam Carlson
Fake Thanksgiving Program Allison Jonjak
Fermilab 2019-10-13 (half) w M.D. Moose Flores
Folklife 5-27-2019 Adam Carlson
Guinea Pig 2019-08-11 Moose Flores
Guinea Pig 2019-10-06 Moose Flores
Harrisburg 13 Apr 18 Robin Banerji
Indianapolis, IN 2019-07-09: Contra dance Nicholas Rockstroh
Indianapolis, IN 2019-11-05 Nicholas Rockstroh
IsaacB.Corvallis.Campaign.For.Reel.Time.04.20.19 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Corvallis.The.Nettles.01.18.20 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Eugene.The.Nettles.10.13.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Kirkland.Les.Fab.Girls.06.09.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.LakeCity.EndEffects.04.11.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.LakeCity.RiffRaff.12.06.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Lightspeed 2018 - Who Gave Isaac A Workshop? Isaac Banner
IsaacB.NW.Folklife.OlyVolyStringBand.2019 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.NW.Folklife.RiffRaff.2018 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Olympia.Jigsaw.04.07.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.PDX.BFD.03.16.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.PDX.Jigsaw.08.18.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.PDX.RiffRaff.07.14.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Phinney.Northern.Contraband.03.23.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Phinney.Phoenix.05.31.19 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Phinney.RedCrow.09.21.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Phinney.Tapsalteerie.05.11.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Phinney.Waxwings.12.07.18 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Portland.Roadhouse.The.Nettles.03.10.19 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.TwilightTwirl.11.02.19 Isaac Banner
IsaacB.Vancouver.TheStageCrew.01.11.19 Isaac Banner
Lake City 2019-09-12 Adam Carlson
Lake City Marathon Isaac Banner
Lewisburg Contra Dance 12.10.2017 calling to Lux Bridge copy David Felix
Louisville 1-27-2020 Elisabeth Monica
????-??-??: Louisville, KY Chet Gray
Louisville, KY 2019-07-08 Nicholas Rockstroh
Mountain Madness 2019 (test) Terry Doyle
Part of this complete breakfast Dave Morse
Phinney 17-Jan-2020 Adam Carlson
Phinney 4-Jan-2019 Adam Carlson
QCC 2019-05-18 (half) Moose Flores
QCC 2019-07-27 (two) Moose Flores
QCC 2019-11-16 Moose Flores
Super easy (but interesting) dances Ian Shay
Tacoma 9/29/2019 w/ Pete's Posse Adam Carlson
Test program Cindy Harris