Dane Wallinga


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
32 Seconds Tom Calwell improper
[Title of Contra] Andy Shore Becket ccw
A Dance for Dan Bill Olson improper
A Sure Thing Chris Page improper
Adrift Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Alexander Avery's Articulate Anime Adventure Dugan Murphy Becket
Another Orbit for Liz Bob Green Improper
Astray Cary Ravitz becket
Autumn Leaves Linda Leslie Becket
Bob the Surfer Dugan Murphy improper
Boomerang Gene Hubert Becket
Celebrating 60 Linda Leslie improper
Chain, Chain, Roll Away Dane Wallinga Becket
Converging Orbits Mike Richardson Becket
Cows are Watching (Variation) Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Cutler Coast Dugan Murphy improper
Don't Have to Walk but You Can Dance Luke Donforth improper
Double Cat Bounce Chris Page improper
Ellie's Pumpkin Show Bill Olson Becket
Entranced Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Everything Old is New Again Andrea Nettleton improper
Fatal Attraction Cary Ravitz Becket
Flip Flop Frenzy Gene Hubert improper
Freebird Jim Hemphill indecent
Groovemonger's Contra Don Flaherty improper
Hunter's Eclipse Jean Gorrindo improper
I Like to Walk, I Love to Dance Luke Donforth improper
Jam Doodle Chris Page improper
Kid from Kadoka Sarah Kaiser improper
Kinematic Dolphin Vorticity Luke Donforth improper
Lavender and Gold Jim Hemphill Becket
Mad Orbin Jacqui Grennan improper
Mad, Mad World Martha Wild improper
Mary Keith's Harmonium Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Meander Andrea Nettleton Becket
Needs Must Dane Wallinga indecent
New England Sweethearts Linda Leslie improper
New Sweetheart Linda Leslie Becket
Not a Trip to Vegas Chris Page Becket ccw
Old Time Elixir #2 Linda Leslie Becket
One for Ruth Luke Donforth improper
Out of the Box Chris Page Becket
PB&J Bill Olson improper
Phoebe's Becket Linda Leslie becket
Playground Stomp Julian Blechner improper
Porpoiseful Play Andrea Nettleton improper
Push Back John Coffman improper
Return to Sender Dane Wallinga Becket
Ribbons for Shoe Laces Dugan Murphy improper
Roll 12.5 Chris Page improper
Separation Anxiety Chris Page Becket
Serendipity Chris Page Becket ccw
Shining Eyes Don Flaherty improper
Shoot the Moon Sarah Kaiser improper
Shoot to the Middle (variation) Adam Carlson improper
Simple Gifts Don Flaherty improper
Sleepwalking Bronwyn Woods Becket ccw
Snake in the Hey Cary Ravitz improper
Sparkle-licious Jean Gorrindo Becket
Spider Jive Dane Wallinga indecent
Spiral Arms Yoyo Zhou Becket
Springtime in Philly Julian Blechner Becket ccw
Square Deal Chris Page Becket
Star Trick Cary Ravitz improper
Sving Træbenet Dane Wallinga Becket ccw
Swoosh Lynn Ackerson improper
Take Some of the Credit Chris Page improper
Tenth Year in Tommerup Linda Leslie Becket
The 24th of May Yoyo Zhou Becket ccw
The Birds and the Fleas Dane Wallinga indecent
The Bus Stop Bill Olson improper
The Fabulous Couple Linda Leslie Becket
The Flying Trapeze Chris Page improper
The Gang of Four Gene Hubert Becket
The Hive John Coffman Becket
The Itchy Bug Reel Jim Hemphill improper
The Menagerie Dane Wallinga Becket ccw
The Queen Bee (folk processed version) Adam Carlson improper
The Ritz Gene Hubert improper
The Turning Point Gene Hubert improper
The Wild Woman From North Carolina (original) Bill Olson improper
The Winter Storm Linda Leslie Becket
Trip to Belfast Luke Donforth improper
Trip to Brown University Linda Leslie improper
Trip to Falmouth Linda Leslie Becket
Trip to Shorebird Dane Wallinga improper
Trust Chris Page improper
Turn of Phrase Sarah Kaiser improper
Turtles Too Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Weeks on the Road Bill Olson indecent becket
Working Stiff John Coffman improper


Actions Title
05/2023 Circle Left
13/05/2023 Hayward
Alameda 2023/11
Berkeley 15/01/2020
Berkeley 2023-02-16
Berkeley 2023/06
Berkeley 2023/10
Berkeley 6/11/2019
Circle Left 2023/10
Circle Left 2023/12
Circle Left 2024/06
Circle Left/Waltz Right 2024/01
Hayward 2023/06
Monterey 2023/12
Monterey 2023/3/18
Monterey 2024/04
Palo Alto 2023/07
Palo Alto 2024/03
Sacramento 2023/06
Sacramento 2023/10
Sacramento 2024/02
Sacramento 2024/06
San Rafael 2023/03/11
San Rafael 2023/07
Santa Rosa 2023/07
Santa Rosa 2024/02