Gene Hubert

Permission to publish dances: Always

New Dance
Actions Title User Formation
Balance and Think Michael Fuerst Becket Clockwise
Boomerang Dane Wallinga Becket
Butter Dave Morse Becket
Centrifugal Hey Allison Jonjak improper
Complimentary Contra Isaac Banner improper
Compost Pile Breakdown Chet Gray square dance
Diagonal Discovery Nicholas Rockstroh Becket cw
Dynamic Appeal Chet Gray improper
Echoing Allemandes Allison Jonjak improper
Fan in the Doorway Allison Jonjak improper
Flip Flop Frenzy Dane Wallinga improper
Jubilation Devin J. Pohly improper
Kimmswick Express Chet Gray square dance
Mama Loo's Reel Allison Jonjak improper
Pittsboro Pattycake Dave Morse improper
Sarah's Journey Allison Jonjak improper
Snow Dance Allison Jonjak improper
Summer of '84 Dave Morse improper
The Gang of Four Dane Wallinga Becket
The Nice Combination Chet Gray improper
The Nice Combination Allison Jonjak improper
The Ritz Dane Wallinga improper
Zombies of Sugar Hill, The Nedra McNeil improper