Isaac Banner


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
16 for Gregg Luke Donforth Becket
24th of October Don Lennartson Becket
3, 2, 1, Dance Devin Nordson improper
40 Mohr Years Sue Rosen Becket
88888 Isaac Banner four face four
AADS Reel Phillippe Callens improper
After the Solstice Lisa Greenleaf improper
Airpants Lisa Greenleaf improper
Al's Safeway Produce Robert Cromartie improper
Analemma Isaac Banner Becket ccw
Anne's Visit Phillippe Callens Proper
Another Jig Will Do Mike Richardson Becket
Another Smooth Bluesy Dance Isaac Banner improper
Another Trip to Germany Phillippe Callens Becket
Apples and Caramel Seth Tepfer improper
Arizona Becket Bob Dalsemer Becket
Back of the Envelope Dugan Murphy improper
Back to Back Isaac Banner improper
Back to Front Luke Donforth Becket ccw
Bear Country Isaac Banner Becket
Binary Stars Isaac Banner improper
Birds from Urbana Isaac Banner Becket
Blue and Green Candles Isaac Banner Becket
Bobbin' Robin Isaac Banner Becket
Captain Hook's Revenge Yoyo Zhou improper
Catch a Falling Star Melanie Axel-Lute improper
Cats and More Cats Melanie Axel-Lute Becket
Chain of Events Roger Aurman indecent
Chain of Events var Roger Aurman improper
Chinese Garbage Chris Page / Cary Ravitz improper
Coming Home from Alaska Isaac Banner Becket
Complimentary Contra Gene Hubert improper
Creme Fraiche Isaac Banner improper
Cupid's Clout Susan Petrick improper
Dance Both Rolls Yoyo Zhou improper
Dancing in My Bones John Coffman improper
Diamonds Are a Baby's Choking Hazard Isaac Banner Becket ccw
Dinner at the Swingside Hal Mueller improper
Double Balanced Brain Luke Donforth improper
Dreaming of Michael Isaac Banner Becket
Elsa’s Quarter-Life Crisis Isaac Banner Becket ccw
Fake Chicken Isaac Banner improper
Five Minute Warning variation Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Folklife Frolic Lindsey Dono improper
Frannie's Fabulous Folklife Isaac Banner Becket
Freylekhs Isaac Banner improper
Furthermore Scott Higgs improper
Galaxy Brain Balance Isaac Banner improper
Gentle Rewinder Isaac Banner improper
Golden Hands Isaac Banner improper
Grab Bag Isaac Banner improper
Gravity Assist Isaac Banner Becket
Green Lake Twirl Isaac Banner Becket
Ham Wiggle Makes Me Giggle Isaac Banner improper
Happy Ending Chris Weiler Becket
Higgs Boson Isaac Banner improper
Hocus Pocus Lisa Greenleaf improper
Homeward Bound Andrea Nettleton Becket
Homeward Bound var. Andrea Nettleton Becket
Hotpoint Deluxe Isaac Banner Becket ccw
I Drove to Portland for Tacos Isaac Banner improper
In Cahoots Rick Mohr Becket
Joel's in the Kitchen Sue Rosen Becket
Jubilation (var) Cary Ravitz improper
Keep Left at the Frock Isaac Banner improper
Lake City Crossing Isaac Banner improper
Lanny's Back Erik Weberg improper
Last Hey Isaac Banner Becket
Liam Left Me for London Isaac Banner Becket
Lost at Sea Isaac Banner Becket
Love and Twirls James Hutson improper
Luna in the Library Julian Blechner improper
Luna in the Library var. Julian Blechner improper
Magnetic Waves Isaac Banner Becket
Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion v. Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
March for Andrea Isaac Banner Becket
Mary Cay's Reel David Kaynor Becket
Money Musk Bicky McLain triplet
Napkin #11 Isaac Banner improper
Napkin #8 Isaac Banner improper
New Year, Same Old Charlie Isaac Banner improper
Not My Second Rodeo Isaac Banner improper
On The Other Foot Isaac Banner Becket
Once More With Feeling Isaac Banner improper
One Fish, Two Fish, Right and Left Through Fish Isaac Banner Becket
Our House Dean Snipes Becket
O’More for Me, Then Isaac Banner improper
Peace Is Still the Way Isaac Banner Becket
Pebbles in my Boots Isaac Banner improper
Pigeon-hey Principle Isaac Banner Becket
Pigtown Petronella variation Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Red Beard's Redder Beard Isaac Banner Becket
Redwood Isaac Banner improper
Renewed Joy Rachel Fifer Becket
Return to Portland Isaac Banner improper
Ro's and Columns Isaac Banner improper
Robin Shall Restore Amends Isaac Banner improper
Rock Creek Reel David Harris improper
Rory O'Most Isaac Banner improper
Roses on the Road Isaac Banner Becket
Safe and Sound Isaac Banner Becket
Saturday Night Fever Erik Hoffman improper
Simple Circulation Isaac Banner improper
Sleepy Sam’s Late Night Jam Isaac Banner Becket
Snake in the Garden Cary Ravitz improper
Snake Oil Reel var Roger Diggle improper
Snowbirds Isaac Banner Becket
South Union Reel Don Lennartson improper
South Union Reel var Don Lennartson improper
Star Step (var) Robin Banerji improper
Stars in the Wildfire Isaac Banner improper
Still More O'Moore Jim Kitch Becket
Straighten Up and Slide Right Lindsey Dono Becket ccw
Summer in Summerland Isaac Banner Becket ccw
Swapportunities Abound Isaac Banner Becket
The Art of Negotiation Al Olson improper
The Hobbit Melanie Axel-Lute improper
The Law Firm of Rob and Sue Seth Tepfer and Rod Craighurst improper
The Long Road Home Isaac Banner Sawtooth Becket
The Salmon Time Around Isaac Banner Becket ccw
The Second Time Around Jim Kitch improper
The Set Monster Isaac Banner Becket
The Sturgeon General Isaac Banner improper
The Sun Never Sets on Puget Sound (Except When It Does, Sometimes) Isaac Banner Becket
The Tugboat Isaac Banner Becket
The Weekend Warrior Isaac Banner improper
The Wolfe and the Spero Isaac Banner improper
The Young Adult Rose David Kaynor improper
The Young Adult Rose var David Kaynor improper
There Is No Way to Peace; Peace Is the Way Erik Hoffman Becket ccw
They Stayed Here When They Disappeared Heidi Wettlaufer improper
Three Klicks North Isaac Banner Becket
Tom's Queue-less Carousel Tom Hinds / Isaac Banner Becket
Too Hot to Trot var. Eric Black improper
Treasure of Sierra Madre James Hutson improper
Trip to Joy Isaac Banner improper
Trip to Mountain City Isaac Banner Becket
Trip to Outer Magnolia Sherry Nevins & Isaac Banner improper
Trip to Pe Ell Don Lennartson improper
Trip to Petrick Will Mentor Becket
Trip to Petrick var Will Mentor Becket
Trip to Richmond Centre Mall Isaac Banner improper
Trip to San Juan County Park Isaac Banner, Koren Wake Becket ccw
Triwizard Tournament Jacob Steel three-face-three
Turn the Tide Isaac Banner improper
Two Hearts in Time Isaac Banner improper
Two Waves, Two Ways Isaac Banner Becket
Umbra and Penumbra Isaac Banner improper
Unnamed Becket unknown Becket
Van Is My Middle Name Isaac Banner improper
Wading in Warm Waters Isaac Banner Becket
Wave 'em Through Isaac Banner improper
Waxmyrtle Yoyo Zhou improper
Weeks on the Road (var) Bill Olson Becket
Winter Fog Isaac Banner Becket
Yenta's Reel Isaac Banner Becket
You're Among Produce Bob Isaacs, Robert Cromartie, Isaac Banner improper
ƐƐƐƐƐ Isaac Banner Becket


This is for dances that aren't ready to call. They're not discoverable from the main dance search page.

Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Gold in These Hills Isaac Banner improper
Napkin #12 Isaac Banner improper
Pivot Power Isaac Banner Becket
Quadraliteral Isaac Banner improper
Snowed in with Richard Isaac Banner Becket
Steppy Downs Road Isaac Banner improper
SWAT Team Isaac Banner Becket
Unnamed Short Wave Circulate Isaac Banner improper


Actions Title
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