John Coffman

Permission to publish dances: Always

New Dance
Actions Title User Formation
Aberdeen Angus Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Ain't Dancing Grand Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Alternating Current Allison Jonjak improper
An Arm and a Leg Allison Jonjak Becket
Beauty and the Bees Chet Gray improper
Becketize the Baby Robin Banerji Becket
Bee in her Bonnet Allison Jonjak improper
Boys From Urbana Allison Jonjak Becket
Dancing in My Bones Isaac Banner improper
David's Daily Double Ezra Smith improper
Jonjak's Jaunty Jaunt Allison Jonjak Becket
Jonjak's Journey Allison Jonjak improper
Lavender and Lilac Karl Senseman improper
Liz's steady hand Dave Morse improper
Luck be a Lady Ezra Smith Becket
One in the Hand (slight variation) Chet Gray improper
Push Back Dane Wallinga improper
Sawdust Liquor Allison Jonjak Becket
Sleeping With The Hounds Allison Jonjak Becket
Sweet Potatoes Allison Jonjak improper
The Hive Dane Wallinga Becket
Triple Hat Syndrome Allison Jonjak improper
Working Stiff Dane Wallinga improper