Nicholas Rockstroh


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
A Crafty Wave Nicholas Rockstroh improper
A Gentle Turn Nicholas Rockstroh improper
A-1 Reel Chris Weiler Becket ccw
Aberdeen Angus John Coffman improper
After the Dean Snipes improper
Ain't Dancing Grand John Coffman improper
Al's Advice Paul Tyler improper
An Arm and a Leg (John Coffman) variation Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
An Arm and a Leg (John Coffman) variation 2 Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Another First Time Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Another Nice Combination variation Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Another Nice Slice Tom Hinds Becket
As If! Jesse Edgerton Becket
Back on the Interstate Chrystal Gallacci Jones improper
Bailey's Dream variation Nicholas Rockstroh (Cosette Ailiff) becket
Balance and Cross Rick Mohr improper
Balance to My Lou Becky Hill Becket
Barbara's Becket Cary Ravitz Becket
Between the Lines Cary Ravitz improper
Between the Lines variation Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Bob Dalsemer Triplet #1 Bob Dalsemer triplet
Bumbling in the Shower Paul Eric Smith Becket
But Y, Tho? Nicholas Rockstroh four face four
Butterflies Cary Ravitz improper
Charismatic Megafauna Linda Leslie Becket
Chased by Butterflies Jim Hemphill Becket
Chasing Butterflies Jim Hemphill Becket
Chicory Cary Ravitz Becket cw
Contra Essentialism Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Counter Flow Gene Hubert improper
Counter Flow (re-timed) Gene Hubert improper
Crossroads Contra Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Daisy Chain Cary Ravitz Becket
Dance Panacea Frank Buschelmann Becket ccw
Dance Panacea variation Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Dancing Spell Cary Ravitz improper
Detour in Louisville Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Diagonal Discovery Gene Hubert Becket cw
Dr. Swinglove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love COVID-19 Nicholas Rockstroh indecent
Early Rising Robins Nicholas Rockstroh indecent
Early Rising Robins (Original) Nicholas Rockstroh indecent
Eeyore's Excuse Melanie Axel-Lute improper
Ellen's Yarns Rick Mohr Becket
Equinox Jim Kitch Sawtooth CW
Falling in Love Again Ken Bonner Becket
Festival Jig Ted Sannella proper
Fiddle Tales Cary Ravitz improper
Fire in Vermont Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Five Minute Warning Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Flapjack Express Joseph Pimentel improper
For All, There Exists, Such That Nicholas Rockstroh Becket cw
Frannie's Frolic Will Mentor Becket
Galax Cary Ravitz Becket
Garden of Life Ron Blechner improper
Gene's Genius Tony Parkes Improper
Generation Gap Thankful Cromartie improper
Genet's Recall Chestnut triple proper
Giant Robot Dance Linda Leslie Becket
Give and Take 1 Larry Jennings sawtooth cw
Good Friday Kirston Koths improper
Gotta Catch 'Em All Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Grooving' with Diane Jean Gorrindo improper
Halliehurst Gene Hubert Becket
Happy Birthday Dean Snipes Becket cw
Heat Exhaustion Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Heat Stroke Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Henri and Jacqui Scott Higgs Becket ccw
Hey Fever Tony Parkes improper
Hey Now Hank Kingsley Becket
Hey, Liz Nicholas Rockstroh improper
I Wanna Dance Erik Hoffman Becket
I've Got Your Shadow Cornered Jim Hemphill Becket
If It Fits, I Sits Don Veino Becket
Indifferential Equations Nicholas Rockstroh Progressed Improper
Invertro Flirtilization Jim Hemphill improper
Jabberwocky Jeremy Korr Becket
Jefferson And Liberty variation Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Jonjak's Jaunty Jaunt variation Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Joys of Quebec variation Chip Hendrickson (Hugh Stewart Variation) proper
La Green Bean Nicholas Rockstroh circle mixer
La Southern Green Bean Nicholas Rockstroh circle mixer
Lads of Ohio Rick Mohr Becket
Lamplighter's Hornpipe Chestnut proper
Lancaster Lite Melanie Axel-Lute improper
Laura's Leap Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Life Crossings Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Little Green Heron Joseph Pimentel Sicilian Circle
Looking for Love Again Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Mad Robin Landing Will Mentor improper
Mad Slice Rick Mohr improper
Mad Slice variation Will Mentor improper
Mange Tak Ron Buchanan Improper
Maximum Fun Frank Buschelmann Becket
Memories of a Dance I Haven't Met Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Memories of a Dance I Haven't Met variation Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Mended Sixpence Mike Richardson improper
Moving Day Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Not So Fast Tom Hinds improper
Nutella Petronella Bradley Smith four face four
One Way or Another Cary Ravitz improper
Pensacola Rollaway Rick Mohr circle mixer
Petronella Chestnut proper
Petronella Stomp variation Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Petrozilla Marty Fager four face four
Plain Vanilla James Hutson improper
Progress for Progress's Sake Nicholas Rockstroh proper
Projectile Possums Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Projectile Possums Variant Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Pucker Up Sarah Kaiser improper
Queen Lea's Frolic Cary Ravitz improper
Request and Receive A Nicholas Rockstroh indecent
Request and Receive B Nicholas Rockstroh indecent
Rick's Triplet #2 Rick Mohr triplet
Rim of the Sky Nicholas Rockstroh Becket cw
Road to Yesterday Nicholas Rockstroh Becket cw
Rory O'More Chestnut proper
Rosie's Rave Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Saturday Night Line variation Joseph Pimentel/Nicholas Rockstroh improper, double progression
Seven Sevens Jim Kitch Becket ccw
Shadows of St. Louis Nicholas Rockstroh Becket cw
Sharing Is Caring variation Nicholas Rockstroh Becket CW
Shiver Me Timbers Jim Hemphill improper
Slam Poetry Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Sliding Into St Louis Nicholas Rockstroh improper
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Nicholas Rockstroh Becket cw
Soarin' Chris Page Becket ccw
Sounds Like a Match Lynn Ackerson Becket
Splashdance Special Greg Frock Becket cw
Star's End Cary Ravitz Becket
Sun Dance and Moon Dance Robert Cromartie improper
Sunset Limited Rick Mohr indecent Becket ccw
Superballin' (by Jack Laurel) variation Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Swing Into Spring Orace Johnson Becket
Swingin' Off a Ring Kelsey Hartman improper
Symmetry in Motion Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Synchronized Swimming Roni Wiener improper
Tall Paul's Shop Charlotte Crittenden improper
Ted's Triplet #7 Ted Sannella proper triplet
Ted's Triplet #7 Ted Sanella triplet
Tent City Twirl Nicholas Rockstroh proper
The Amazing Return Ken Bonner Becket
The Amazing Sarah Wilcox Tom Hinds progressed improper
The Birds are the Words (CCW) Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
The Birds are the Words (CW) Nicholas Rockstroh Becket cw
The Caller's Wife Ted Sannella improper
The Connectrix Rick Mohr improper
The Contra Dancer's New Groove Nicholas Rockstroh improper
The Dance Gypsy Gene Hubert Becket
The Dance of Deception Myrtle Wilhite Becket indecent
The Hartmann Reel Chart Guthrie improper
The Lady Fiddler Cis Hinkle improper
The Pizza Democracy Nicholas Rockstroh Becket CW
The Pizza Democracy variation Nicholas Rockstroh sawtooth CW
The Reunion Gene Hubert Becket
The S & S Connection Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
The Squeaking Wheel Cary Ravitz improper
The Treasure of Sierra Madre James Hutson improper
The Triangle Inequality Nicholas Rockstroh Triplet, 1s and 2s improper
The Weaving Wyandottes Jim Hemphill improper
This Feels Backwards... Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Through the Looking Glass Cary Ravitz Becket
Top of the Stairs Paul Moore improper
Trillium Cary Ravitz Becket
Tuesday Night Special Larry Jennings improper
Unbelievable! Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Undercurrent Jacqui Grennan improper
Waiting for the Other Foot to Fall Dan Black, Joyce Duffy-Bilanow, Bob Isaacs, Hannah Platt, Kendall Rogers improper
Welcome to Feet Retreat Dean Snipes Becket ccw
Wilcox Reel Will Mentor Becket
Wilderness Road Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
Wildflowers A Cary Ravitz Becket
Wildflowers B Cary Ravitz Becket
Will You Marry Me? Seth Tepfer Becket cw


This is for dances that aren't ready to call. They're not discoverable from the main dance search page.

Actions Title Choreographer Formation
A Flocking Good Time Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Birds of a Feather Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Squirrel! variation Chris Page improper
Stacking the Deck Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Stick in the Bug Nicholas Rockstroh improper
What the Flock? Nicholas Rockstroh Becket
Woven Road variation Don Flaherty improper
Zoom Contra #1 Nicholas Rockstroh One Couple
Zoom Contra #2 Nicholas Rockstroh One Couple
Zoom Contra #3 Nicholas Rockstroh One Couple
Zoom Contra #4 Nicholas Rockstroh One Couple
Zoom Contra #5 Nicholas Rockstroh one couple
Zoom Contra #6 Nicholas Rockstroh one couple
Zoom Contra #7 Nicholas Rockstroh One Couple
Zoom Contra #8 Nicholas Rockstroh one couple
Zoom Contra #9 Nicholas Rockstroh One Couple


Actions Title
2020-02-02 Earlham College - Richmond, IN
2020-02-04 Indianapolis, IN - Liz
2020-02-24 Cincinnati, OH (gender free)
2020-03-08 Earlham College
2020-03-10 Indianapolis, IN
Berea, KY 2023-06-24
Bloomington Zoom Contra 2020-12-09
Bloomington Zoom Contra 2021-02-17
Bloomington, IN 2019-07-31
Bloomington, IN 2019-12-18
Cincinnati, OH 2019-09-09
Cincinnati, OH 2019-11-18
Cincinnati, OH 2019-12-30
Cincinnati, OH 2020-01-13
Cincinnati, OH 2022-12-19
Cincinnati, OH 2023-02-27
Cincinnati, OH 2023-04-17
Cincinnati, OH 2023-06-19
Cincinnati, OH 2023-07-17
Cincinnati, OH 2023-10-14
Disease-Themed Dances
Easy Program for Many Beginners
Indianapolis, IN 2019-07-09: Contra dance
Indianapolis, IN 2019-11-05
Indianapolis, IN 2023-03-07
Lexington, KY 2022-05-13
Lexington, KY 2022-11-11
Lexington, KY 2023-03-04
Lexington, KY 2023-07-14
Lexington, KY 2024-03-02
Louisville Zoom Contra 2021-01-25
Louisville, KY 2019-07-08
Louisville, KY 2021-06-19
Louisville, KY 2021-11-29
Louisville, KY 2021-12-20
Louisville, KY 2021-12-31
Louisville, KY 2022-05-09
Louisville, KY 2022-06-13
Louisville, KY 2022-07-25
Louisville, KY 2022-08-08
Louisville, KY 2022-09-12
Louisville, KY 2022-11-14 (Positional)
Louisville, KY 2023-01-02
Louisville, KY 2023-02-06
Louisville, KY 2023-02-13 (split night)
Louisville, KY 2023-03-20
Louisville, KY 2023-05-01
Louisville, KY 2023-07-03
Louisville, KY 2023-08-21
Louisville, KY 2023-09-11
Louisville, KY 2023-10-02
Louisville, KY 2023-11-27
Louisville, KY 2024-01-22
Louisville, KY 2024-02-26
New Albany, IN 2024-04-04
St Louis, MO 2024-02-25
Winter CDH Open Mic 2022-12-29