But Y, Tho?

hook: Shadow's partner swings

by: Nicholas Rockstroh

formation: four face four

Identify the active couple on the left side of the lines of four

A1 4
long lines forward
ones roll away partners with a half sashay
same roles swing
A2 8
center four star left 4 places, pick up partners
star promenade left ½
butterfly whirl
B1 8
outside four star right 4 places
partners do si do once
B2 16
partners balance & swing ⁋

This is a four face four with a pair of active couples. The active couples are the couples on the left side of each line of four at the start of the dance and those couples remain active until they get to the end of the line and come back in. Do NOT switch sides with your shadows while waiting out; everyone should simply swap with their partner and face back into the set. When this happens, the previously inactive couple becomes the active couple. The center four and end four people will always be four people of the same role. Thus, the swings in the A1 will be with people of the same roles. Avoid having to alternate between saying gentlespoons/ladles star by referring to the center four and outside four. Written at 5:30 AM in response to a challenge issued by Dave Morse for a dance where you swing your shadow’s partner. This is impossible in a standard duple minor Contra dance, but it’s doable in a four face four. The title is an appropriate reaction to both the request and to the time of day at which the dance was written considering that I hadn’t gone to bed for the night at the time that I wrote it.


user: Nicholas Rockstroh

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