The Pizza Democracy

by: Nicholas Rockstroh

formation: Becket CW

A1 4
slice left ⁋
ladles roll away partners with a half sashay
ladles gyre left shoulders 1½
A2 8
circle right 4 places
balance the ring
Cloverleaf turn a single towards neighbors and take inside hands
B1 8
Neighbors balance and inside hands California twirl
balance & petronella
B2 16
partners balance & swing

Named after a long discussion over pizza toppings at an even longer dinner during Louisville’s Dancetravaganza event in May 2016. Make sure to emphasize the turn towards your neighbor during the turn a single, otherwise the hands won’t line up for the star through. More bits and less flow than I'd probably write today, but I'm leaving it here for posterity and because someone might still find it worth calling.


user: Nicholas Rockstroh

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