Diagonal Discovery

hook: Lost and found on the diagonal

by: Gene Hubert

formation: Becket cw

A1 8
long lines forward & back
left diagonal gentlespoons allemande left 1½ to next neighbors
A2 16
next neighbors balance & swing, face shadows across the set
B1 6
circle left 3 places
pass through with shadows
partners swing
B2 8
gentlespoons start a half hey - lefts in center, rights on ends
partners two hand turn twice and open into long lines

One of Gene's best dances. The end effects are surprisingly minimal. When there's no diagonal gentlespoon to allemande with, balance and swing your partner and face your shadow across; when there's a diagonal gentlespoon on the end, balance and swing their partner as usual and face in improper, not becket, so that the pass through will work correctly. The dancers tend to like to try to migrate when they're swinging. Make sure to emphasize that the ladles have to hold their places firmly and that you're facing the same shadows across the set after the neighbor swing every time.


user: Nicholas Rockstroh

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