Linda Leslie

Permission to publish dances: Always

New Dance
Actions Title User Formation
Attleboro Reel Allison Jonjak Sicilian circle
Autumn Leaves Dane Wallinga Becket
Autumn Leaves variation Ezra Smith Becket
Celebrating 60 Dane Wallinga improper
Celebration Allison Jonjak circle mixer
Circle of Fun Allison Jonjak Sicilian circle
Dipping and Diving Allison Jonjak proper
Do-Si-Three Allison Jonjak three-face-three
New Sweetheart Dane Wallinga Becket
Old Time Elixir #2 Dane Wallinga Becket
Paloma's Becket Ezra Smith Becket
Peak Bagger Allison Jonjak three face three
Phoebe's Becket Dane Wallinga becket
Tenth Year in Tommerup Dane Wallinga Becket
The Fabulous Couple Dane Wallinga Becket
The Winter Storm Dane Wallinga Becket
Thinking of Quinn Dave Morse improper
Tranquility Ezra Smith Becket
Trip to Brown University Dane Wallinga improper
Trip to Falmouth Dane Wallinga Becket
You Can Get There From Here Robin Banerji improper