Ezra Smith


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
50/50 Bob Isaacs Becket
A Walk in the Park variation Julian Blechner Becket
Al's Safeway Produce variation with Pull-By Robert Cromartie improper
Autumn Leaves variation Linda Leslie Becket
Bicoastal Contra Pete Campbell improper
Boiling Mud variation Greg Byrne improper
Box the Cat Lisa Greenleaf improper
Chaos unknown improper
Coconut Cream Pie Lynn Ackerson four face four
Dance All Night Rich Mohr four face four
Dancing Bears variation Brian DeMarcus improper
David's Daily Double John Coffman improper
Diane's Been There Dugan Murphy improper
Easy Peasy Diane Silver improper
Fiddle Hill Jig Ralph Page improper
Fire in the Creek variation Jim Kitch improper
Frederick Contra Tom Hinds improper
Fruit Punch Diane Silver Becket
Galopede variation Chestnut improper or proper
Heartbreak Contra Dugan Murphy improper
Hume Fogg Reel variation Susan Kevra Becket
Jump Back Barley Susan Kevra improper
Leave Them Hanging Luke Donforth improper
Luck be a Lady John Coffman Becket
Paloma's Becket Linda Leslie Becket
Patience Chris Page improper
Piece of Cake Carol Kopp improper
Random Acts of Kindness variation David Glick Becket
Road to Boston unknown circle
Rock the Cradle, Joe Ridge Kennedy improper
Rural Felicity unknown improper
Star Trek Mike Richardson Becket
Streetsboro Daisies Cary Ravitz improper
Summer of '94 Mike Richardson improper
The Big Easy variation Becky Hill improper
The Missing Piece Bronwyn Woods improper
Tranquility Linda Leslie Becket
Traveling Salesman John Coffman improper
Trip up the Stairs Dugan Murphy improper
Wasatch Wiggle Erik Weberg improper
You're Among Friends variation with pull by Bob Isaacs improper


Actions Title
20190606 Portland Intown Contra
20190926 Portland Intown Contra
20190926 Portland Intown Contra (Backup Dances)
20191207 Orono Maine (Actual)
20191207 Orono Maine (Easier)
20191207 Orono Maine (Harder)
20200229 Bangor, ME (actual)
20200229 Bangor, ME (backups)
20200521 Portland Intown Contra
20200521 Portland Intown Contra (backups)