Chris Page

Permission to publish dances: Always

New Dance
Actions Title User Formation
Accretion Reel Chet Gray scatter mixer
Accretion Reel (variation) Chet Gray scatter mixer
Apogee Allison Jonjak Becket
A Sure Thing Dane Wallinga improper
A Thing of Trust Allison Jonjak improper
Chinese New Year Allison Jonjak improper
Double Cat Bounce Dane Wallinga improper
Heart of Joy Allison Jonjak improper
Jam Doodle Dane Wallinga improper
Not a Trip to Vegas Dane Wallinga Becket ccw
Passing Through Allison Jonjak indecent
Patience Ezra Smith improper
Petronella Swing Break Chet Gray square dance
Rollin' Outta Barstow Chet Gray improper
Rollin' Outta Barstow Allison Jonjak improper
Roll Twelve (variation) Dane Wallinga improper
Separation Anxiety Dane Wallinga Becket
Serendipity Dane Wallinga Becket ccw
Soarin' Nicholas Rockstroh Becket ccw
Soaring Chet Gray Becket ccw
Squirrel! Moose Flores improper
The Contra Matrix Resolution Allison Jonjak improper
Trail Markers Nedra McNeil Beckett
Trust Dane Wallinga improper
Whirlpool Chet Gray triple minor, triad formation