Nedra McNeil


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Fire in the Tunnel Yoyo Zhou Becket
Parmesan Bradley Smith improper
Redhouse Zoom Variation Nedra McNeil improper
Start Your Zoom Nedra McNeil improper
The Odyssey Shuffle Grant Yost improper
Three Ceremonies Adriane Moser Beckett CCW
Trail Markers Chris Page Beckett
Zombies of Sugar Hill, The Gene Hubert improper


Actions Title
02/22/2021 Louisville Techno ZOOM
03-02-20 Louisville
03/03/2021 Bloomington ZOOM
06-27-2022 Louisville
07.25.22 Hindman Techno
08-12-20 ZOOM DJ-contra Bloomington IN
10-26-20 ZOOM Techno-contra Louisville
10_17_22 Louisville Techno
10_20_21_Bloomington Outdoor Techno
19-12-09 Louisville Techno Contra
20-01-06 Louisville
20-01-10 Lexington
2020-12-16 Bloomington Techno ZOOM
2022-03-14 Louisville -- first half
23-11-15 StL Queer Contra
24-01-06 Jan Jam techno dj afterparty