Yoyo Zhou

Permission to publish dances: Always
Website: epicyclic.org/dance/compositions.html

New Dance
Actions Title User Formation
Apples and Concord Grapes Allison Jonjak Becket ccw
Captain Hook's Revenge Isaac Banner improper
Chris' Poetic Orangutan Dave Morse Becket
Chris's Poetic Orangutan Chet Gray improper
Dance Both Rolls Isaac Banner improper
Diana's Delight Devin J. Pohly improper
Fire in the Tunnel Nedra McNeil Becket
Four Have Sprung Chet Gray Becket
Four Have Sprung Dave Morse Becket
Four Have Sprung variation Allison Jonjak Becket
Lark in The Afternoon Dan Kappus improper
Mama Lee's Roll Koren A Wake improper
Mountains in Sunny Windows Devin J. Pohly Becket ccw
Nothing Works and We Don't Know Why Devin J. Pohly improper
Pizza Shop Dave Morse Becket
Spiral Arms Dane Wallinga Becket
Star of the County Alameda Devin J. Pohly improper
Star of the County Alameda variation Susan Taylor improper
Star of the County Alameda variation Sara Melton improper
The 24th of May Dane Wallinga Becket ccw
Waxmyrtle Isaac Banner improper