Koren A Wake


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Another Flirty Attempt Marian Hepburn improper
Be Here Now Robert Cromartie improper
Cal and Irene Dan Pearl improper
Chinese New Year (var) Chris Page improper
Citronella Morning Bill Olson improper
Dreamland Races Koren Wake Becket ccw
Everybody Dance Jim Hemphill improper
Fly Away or Flutter What Roberta Knight or Bob Pyron Becket
Give the Scout a Hand Bob Isaacs and Chris Weiler Becket
Glint Rich Goss improper
Hey Man Paul Balliet Becket
Humppa Promenad trad Finnish Circle mixer
I'll Hold You In My Arms Maia McCormick improper
Lucky Seven [unknown] circle mixer
Minimum Fuss, Maximum Fun Dean Snipes improper
Mr. Isaac's Magic Sue Rosen improper
Single File Mixer [unknown] scatter mixer (single)
Superballin' (KW transcription) Jack Laurel Becket
Susan's Slide Cary Ravitz Becket
Symmetrical Force Fred Field improper
Vallimont's Silver Hammer Luke Donforth Becket
Whatchagonnado? Erik Weberg Becket
Witch's Stars Linda Leslie improper
You Can Get To Good Friday From Here Koren Wake improper
Yoyo's Ma Susan Petrick improper
Zag it Back Jacqui Grennan Becket


This is for dances that aren't ready to call. They're not discoverable from the main dance search page.

Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Four Have Sprung (ricochet hey var) Yoyo Zhou Becket
Pigeon on the Jetway Koren Wake Becket double progression
Pinball Wizard Andrea Nettleton improper
Where Will I Be Cary Ravitz Becket ccw


Actions Title
KW 2022-06-09 Lake City w/ Natterjack
KW 2022-08-11 Lake City w/ Hot Cider
KW 2022-08-27 Olympia
KW 2022-10-21 Phinney with Au Contraire
KW 2022-12-01 Lake City w/ Clickbait+
KW 2022-12-23 Phinney w/ DVR (canceled due to ice)
KW 2023-01-12 Lake City Countercurrent
KW 2023-01-27 Phinney w/ Fortified
KW 2023-02-18 Tacoma w/ KGB
KW 2023-04-08 Olympia w/ Clickbait
KW 2023-04-20 Lake City w/ Dear Crow, Casey & Molly
KW 2023-05-12 Phinney w/ DVR
KW 2023-05-29 Folklife w/ Natterjack
KW 2023-07-06 Lake City w/ Clickbait
KW 2023-07-08 Portland w/ Northwest Stomp
KW 2023-07-09 OCF w/ Countercurrent
KW 2023-07-15 Friday Harbor w/ The Leg Lifters
KW 2023-08-03 Lake City New Callers Night
KW 2023-08-25 Phinney w/ Contra Quartet
KW 2023-10-03 Portland w/ Countercurrent
KW 2023-10-21 Vancouver w/ Ground Effect
KW 2023-10-26 Lake City w/ Jack and Natterjack
KW 2023-11-02 Phinney w/ Play for Keeps
KW 2023-12-10 Portland ME w/ Cedar, Amy, & Ben
KW 2023-12-16 Portland OR w/ George, Heather, Jesse
KW 2023-12-28 Lake City w/ Ruthie & Daniel
KW 2024-01-26 Phinney w/ TryWorks & Jack
KW 2024-02-24 Bellingham w/ Stringlights
KW 2024-02-29 Lake City w/ The Waverlies
KW 2024-03-09 Olympia w/ Hayden, Marni, Dave, & Julie
KW 2024-03-10 Portland Roadhouse w/ Coriolis
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