Dreamland Races

hook: Progress with a roll away *without* a half sashay

by: Koren Wake

formation: Becket ccw

A1 4
balance the ring
pass through to an ocean wave - ladles by left in the center, partners by right on the sides
balance the wave
partners allemande right ¾ to long waves (gentlespoons face out)
A2 8
balance & box circulate - ladles cross while gentlespoons loop right
balance & box circulate - gentlespoons cross while ladles loop right
B1 16
partners balance & swing (on home side)
B2 4
circle left 2 places
gentlespoons roll away neighbors with a half sashay across the set
balance the ring
gentlespoons roll away partners on the side of the set - no half sashay! and face new neighbors

Inspired by Du Quoin Races by Orace Johnson.

B2 progression/teaching point: After balancing the ring, imagine long lines, and imagine the rollaway occurring in long lines, with the gentlespoons not moving. In order to progress the partnership along the side of the set, the gentlespoons need to NOT move left - instruct them to take a small step back/out of the set to make space, and then shift just a smidge further to the right to join the ring with new neighbors. Keep the roll aways tight (arms springy!) to avoid collisions.

B1 partner swing may be a balance and swing or right gyre and swing, depending on the music and the dancers' energy for that many balances in a row.


user: Koren A Wake

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