Dan Kappus


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Alamo Intro Al Green Circle Mixer
Batja's Breakdown Tom Hinds Becket
Black Cat Mixer Martha Wild circle mixer
Broken Sixpence Don Armstrong improper
Fisher's Jig Tom Hinds Becket
Flaherty Will Get You Everywhere Bob Issacs improper
Glen Echo Reel Tony Parkes improper
Heyllamande Jim Hemphill improper
It's the Flow, Stupid! Devin Nordson improper
Lady of the Lake Traditional improper
Lark in The Afternoon Yoyo Zhou improper
Monday Night in Ballard Mike Richardson improper
Not an actual dance, but contradb won't let me delete! Jim Hemphill improper
Old Time Elixir Linda Leslie Becket
Pooh Bear's Holiday Robert Cromartie improper
Roll in the Hey Roger Diggle improper
Ted's Triplet #3 Ted Sannella triplet
The Lakewood Six Becky Hill Becket
Waves Tossed in Dublin Bay Andrea Nettleton circle mixer


Actions Title
2022 December 19 Louisville Monday night dance
2023 02 06 Knoxville Monday night dance
2023 03 25 Jonesborough Dance
2023 04 03 Knoxville Dance
2023 05 08 Knoxville contra
2023 05 13 Chattanooga (planned versus actual)
2023 05 22 Asheville Monday night dance (planned)
2023 05 22 Asheville actually called
2023 05 22 Asheville actually called
2023 05 27 Berea Dance (actually called)(with commentary)
2023 05 27 Berea Dance (planned)
2023 05 29 Asheville (planned)
2023 06 05 Knoxville dance (possible pinch hitting for Sarah M)
2023 06 06 John C Campbell 06/06/2023 (planned)
2023 06 12 Cincinnati (planned)
2023 06 26 Knoxville (planned)
Program possibilities for 26 December Knox dance (canceled due to weather)