Allison Jonjak


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
3, 33-33 Steve Zakon-Anderson improper
A 60th Birthday Dance (for Chris Deephouse) Donna Hunt Becket
A Becket Full of Butterflies Jim Hemphill Becket
A Circular Affair Jim Hemphill Becket
A Proper Trifle David Kirchner proper
A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination Tavi Merrill Becket
A Thing of Trust Chris Page improper
Airpants, Bradley Smith pass through Lisa Greenleaf improper
All You Can Eat Ted Crane improper
Allemandery, My Dear Watson Ric Goldman improper
Allison Wonderland Bob Green improper
Almond Joy Jim Hemphill proper
Already Taken Gary Shapiro improper
Alternating Corners Jim Kitch improper
Alternating Current John Coffman improper
An Arm and a Leg John Coffman Becket
Anderson Ferry Reel Eric Conrad proper mixer
ANTICI...PATION Alan Prince Winston improper
Apogee Chris Page Becket
Apples and Concord Grapes Yoyo Zhou Becket ccw
Are You 'Most Done Russell Owen Becket
Attleboro Reel Linda Leslie Sicilian circle
Awesome Double Progression Dance, Surdyk do-si-do variation Donna Calhoun improper
Azure Aster Cary Ravitz Becket
Baker's Square Sarah Kaiser Becket
Bee in her Bonnet John Coffman improper
Beginner's Lesson Chestnut circle
Between Buffalo and Nowhere Zoë Madonna Becket
Blackbird Pie Joseph Pimentel improper
Bob Dalsemer Triplet #1 extra detail Bob Dalsemer triplet
Bowl of Cherries Sue Rosen improper
Bowl of Cherries Lawn variation Sue Rosen improper
Boys From Brooklyn Donna Hunt Becket
Boys From Urbana John Coffman Becket
Broken Sixpence v. with Chains Don Armstrong improper
Broken Sixpence v. with Circle and Star Don Armstrong improper
Cape Mixer Joe Surdyk circle mixer
Carrot Cake and Candles Donna Hunt Becket ccw
Catch Me If You Can Jim Hemphill improper
Caveman Jim Hemphill Becket
Cavewoman #8 Jim Hemphill Becket
CDS Reel Ted Sannella improper
Celebration Linda Leslie circle mixer
Centrifugal Hey Gene Hubert improper
Chance Dance Scrambled Eggs Jim Hemphill improper
Cheat Lake Twirl Perry Shafran improper
Chinese New Year Chris Page improper
Chorus Jig Chestnut proper
Cincinnati Reel Chestnut circle mixer
Circassian Circle Ceilidh circle mixer
Circle of Fun Linda Leslie Sicilian circle
Climate Change's Reel Julian Blechner improper
Clover's March JJ Gabriel improper
Consider Hydrogen Martha Wild improper
Consider Hydrogen Lawn variation Martha Wild improper
Contra Corners Special Al Olson proper
Cosmos Cary Ravitz Becket
Courtesy Turn Training Mixer Alan Prince Winston circle mixer
Cows are Watching Bill Pope and Judy Goldsmith Becket ccw
Cranky Ingenuity Bill Olson improper
Cup of Joe Sarah Kaiser Becket
Dancing Through the Decades Donna Hunt improper
David K's Reel Mark Widmer Becket
Deja Vu All Over Again Tori Barone improper
Delphiniums and Daisies Tanya Rotenberg improper
Devil's Backbone William J. Watson four face four
Diamond Allotrope Lindsey Dono improper
Dick Witt's Circle Mixer Dick Witt circle mixer
Dipping and Diving Linda Leslie proper
Dipping Dots Alan Prince Winston improper
Dipping Dots alternate B1 Alan Prince Winston improper
Dive for the Dolphin Tom Calwell improper
Do-Si-Three Linda Leslie three-face-three
Dogleaf Reel Lisa Greenleaf proper
Dolphiniums & Daisies Bob Green improper
Double Mud Pig 🐽 Rick Mohr Becket
Down the Aisle Mariah Fabry Becket
Du Quoin Races Orace Johnson Becket
E6 Robert Cromartie improper
Earl & Squirrel Chris Weiler improper
Easily Led Lad Jim Hemphill Becket
Echoing Allemandes Gene Hubert improper
Eggbeater Bill Olson improper
Eleanor’s Reel Bill Olson improper
Entangled in Monte Carlo Luke Donforth Becket
Evanesce Sarah Kaiser improper
Expert Bits Peter Stix improper
Fairport Harbor Hey B2 Paul Balliet Becket
Fairport Harbor pass through B2 Paul Balliet Becket
Fan in the Doorway Gene Hubert improper
Fat Bear's Reel Jeff Kaufman Becket
Fiddleheads Ted Sannella improper
Fiddlers' Frolic Cary Ravitz Becket
Firefly Pedicabs Rick Mohr improper, reverse progression
First Night Quadrille Bob Dalsemer square dance
Flirtation Reel Tony Parkes improper
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Dale Wilson improper
Four Have Sprung variation Yoyo Zhou Becket
Frederick Reel Tom Hinds improper
Frocks Rockin' Frolic Will Mentor improper
Fun Dance For Linda (for Linda Leslie) Bob Golder improper
Galena Jo Mortland improper reverse progression
Galopede Chestnut improper or proper
Garden State of Mind Sue Rosen improper
Gateway to Julian #1 Martha Wild Becket
Gaye's Groove Rick Mohr improper
George is Rettie, Willing, and Able Dean Snipes indecent
Get Me Going Lisa Greenleaf improper
Going Our Opposite Waves Jim Hemphill Becket
Gold Star Wednesday Dale Wilson improper
Goody One Shoe Rick Mohr Becket
Got Nice Neighbors Billy Boyer Becket
Grease & Glue Linda S. Mrosko improper or proper
Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud Mike Boerschig improper
Haste to the Wedding Chestnut Sicilian circle
Haymaker's Jig Chestnut improper
Heart of Glass Cary Ravitz Becket
Heart of Joy Chris Page improper
Heartbeat Contra Don Flaherty improper
Heavenly Mariah Fabry improper
Henry & Jacqui Scott Higgs Becket ccw
Here There and Yonder Jim Hemphill four face four
Holiday in the Wood Allen Brozek improper
Home Cooking Don Flaherty improper
Hope's Spirit Dean Snipes improper
Hopscotch Reel Chris Page & Bob Isaacs Becket ccw
Hot Buttered Rolls Perry Shafran Becket
Hull's Victory Chestnut proper
Indigo Silk Lynn Ackerson proper
Infinity Continued Jim Hemphill Becket ccw
Into the DMZ Cary Ravitz improper
Jacqui & Henry Scott Higgs Becket ccw
Jefferson And Liberty Chestnut proper
Jefferson's Reel Chestnut proper
Jefferson's Remorse Bob Green improper
Jonjak's Jaunty Jaunt John Coffman Becket
Jonjak's Journey John Coffman improper
Joyous Rose original Jacqui Grennan Becket
Joyous Rose Seth Tepfer variation Jacqui Grennan Becket
Joyride Erik Weberg improper
Jurassic Redheads Carol Ormand improper
Kat in Halifax's Second Scatter Dance Katherine Kitching & Sherry Nevin Scatter Mixer
Kinematic Vorticity Carol Ormand improper
Kiss the Bride Jeffrey Spero improper
La BubbleSort Jeff Kaufman and Ben Newman contra mixer
La Guaracha aka Spanish Waltz Companion to the Ballroom four couple square
La String Bean Julian Blechner circle mixer
Labor of Love Kathy Anderson improper
Laura's 3/4 Century Bob Stein improper
Leap Dance Ted Crane improper
Leave the Wine Rick Mohr improper
Linda's Surprise (for Linda Leslie) Frede Olsen Becket
Love Sting Rick Mohr Becket
Lunt Birthday Waltz Chris Ricciotti improper - waltz tempo
Mad About You Jim Hemphill improper
Mad For Ogontz Don Veino improper
Mad Scatter Rick Mohr scatter mixer
Mama Loo's Reel Gene Hubert improper
Maple & Cedar Swing Bob Green proper, ladles traded
Marshmallows in Flight Rich Goss improper
May Day Mixer Tony Parkes circle mixer
Midwest Folklore Orace Johnson Becket
Missing Duck Erik Hoffman Becket
Missing Duck simple A variation Erik Hoffman Becket
Monday Jim Hemphill improper
Monophobia Peter Foster Becket
No Rest for the Weary Andrea Nettleton and Jeffrey Spero Becket
No-See-Ums Beth Molaro improper
November Night Jim Hemphill improper
On the Rebound Bob Isaacs and Chris Weiler Becket
Ozymandius Martha Wild improper
Parkay: Ode to a Dance Floor Jim Hemphill Becket ccw
Partner's Delight Claire Mattin proper
Passing Through Chris Page indecent
Patty Cake Polka Chestnut Circle Mixer
Peak Bagger Linda Leslie three face three
Pecan Pie Jim Hemphill proper
Pedal Pushers Bob Dalsemer improper
Penicillin Nicholas Rockstroh improper
Phinney Gaffer Becket Eric Chard Becket
Pivot the Line Jacqui Grennan improper
Poetry in Motion Lisa Greenleaf improper
Proper Swingfest II Jim Hemphill proper
Queer Contra Zig-Zag Carol Ormand improper
Rad Robin Rick Mohr Becket
Reel Me Across the Ocean Alan Stevens improper
Riverside Jig Linlithgow Ceilidh Becket (no matter)
Rockin' Robin Rick Mohr improper
Rod's Grits Bill Olson improper
Rod's Grits Lawn variation Bill Olson improper
Roll Away Bill Sudkamp square dance
Roll Away Beginner Variation Bill Sudkamp square dance
Roll, Roll, Roll Your Beau Dale Wilson Becket
Rollin' & Tumblin' Cis Hinkle improper
Rollin' Outta Barstow Chris Page improper
Rural Felicity Dudley Laufman proper
Salute to Larry Jennings Ted Sannella and Larry Jennings Becket
Sarah Said Yes! Grant Goodyear Becket
Sarah's Journey Gene Hubert improper
Saturday Night Line Joseph Pimentel improper
Sawdust Liquor John Coffman Becket
Scottish Reel Chestnut Longways Sets, 4-6 Couples
Seige of Ennis Ceilidh four face four
Shift Happens Rick Mohr Becket
Silver Lining Jim Hemphill Becket
Simplicity Swing Becky Hill improper
Sleeping With The Hounds John Coffman Becket
Small Potatoes Jim Kitch improper
Snake Oil Reel Roger Diggle improper
Snakes Dorothea Nettleton improper
Snow Dance Gene Hubert improper
Songbird Cary Ravitz Becket
Speed the Plough (American Version) Chestnut improper
Spin Blend Jim Hemphill Becket
Spring Fever Tony Parkes improper
Square Affair Becky Hill Becket
Star Through Bob Stein square dance
Star-Thru Corners Julian Blechner improper
Stoolie's Jig Cammy Kaynor proper
Strawberry Swirl Cary Ravitz Becket ccw
String of Swings Rick Mohr and Bob Isaacs improper
Sugarbritches 2.0 Dana Parkinson Improper
Sugarbritches 2.0 allemande variation Dana Parkinson Improper
Super Robin Don Veino improper
Surfing the Set Bob Isaacs and Richard Alan Fisher improper
Sweet Potatoes John Coffman improper
Sweet September Myra Hirschberg improper
Tag and Zag Rick Mohr improper
Tag, You're It Martha Wild improper
Tamarack Reel Penn Fix improper
Tetrahymena Twirl Martha Wild improper
Texas Star Traditional square dance
Texas Star Barn Dance Variation Traditional square dance
The Big Bicep Jim Hemphill Becket
The Carousel Tom Hinds improper
The Contra Matrix Resolution Chris Page improper
The Country of Marriage Susan Kevra Becket
The Country of Marriage Lawn variation Susan Kevra Becket
The Dancing Sailors Ed Shaw proper
The Emptied Crack Al Olson improper
The Farmer's Bride Bill Pope improper
The Gay Gordons (step together/step apart version) Chestnut circle mixer
The Missing Piece, Rick Mohr variation Bronwyn Woods improper
The Nice Combination Gene Hubert improper
The Wedding Ring Circle Mixer Erik Hoffman circle mixer
This Dance is, Jess, For You Peter Stix improper
Three Sisters Sarah Kaiser improper
Tica Tica Timing Dean Snipes Becket
Tilt-A-Whirl Martha Wild proper
Tinkie Winkie Ron Buchanan improper
Tinkie Winkie Lawn variation Ron Buchanan improper
Triassic Poetry Lindsey Dono improper
Trip to Brattleboro DV #1 Dave Notman / Unknown improper
Trip to Wilson Will Mentor improper
Triple Hat Syndrome John Coffman improper
Twirling At The Altar Steve Zakon-Anderson Becket
Twirly Minds Think Alike Tavi Merrill improper
Two + Two Makes 3 Jim Hemphill proper
Uncle Fred's Contra Dean Snipes Becket
Unknown unknown proper
Unknown Circle Right Left Grand unknown circle
Unnamed Easy Progression Mac McKeever improper
Vallimont's Steamboat Chris Weiler Becket
Virginia Reel Chestnut four couple longways set
Viviana's Chainsaw Massacre Bob Green Becket
Walking on Air Rick Mohr Becket
Wave Goodbye to Winter Jim Hemphill improper
Wave Goodbye to Winter Rollaway variation Jim Hemphill improper
Waving Wheat Dottie Welch improper
Weave Me the Sunshine Dale Rempert Becket ccw
West By Midwest Carol Ormand improper
Will You Dance With Me? Seth Tepfer Becket
Winter in Summerland Jeff Spero & James Hutson Becket
Winter Slide Rhonda K. C. Minnich Becket
With Thanks to the Dean Steve Zakon-Anderson improper, double progression
With Thanks to the Gene Tom Hinds improper
Wizard's Walk Ted Steele A2 Ruth Ungar improper
Would You Do It for $20? Robert Cromartie proper
Woven Waves Cary Ravitz Improper
Write Triangles Bronwyn Woods Becket
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Sasparilla Mariah Fabry improper
You and I Sarah Kaiser Becket


This is for dances that aren't ready to call. They're not discoverable from the main dance search page.

Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Not A Dance Yet Devin J. Pohly and Allison Jonjak Becket


Actions Title
20160305callersChoice with Three Crooked Men
20160320 Complex Dances dla Rzeszowa
20160320 Simple Dances dla Rzeszowa
2017-08-13: CDSS American Week Dance Exchange
20170506callersChoice with Ragged Robin
20170603callersChoice with Ragged Robin
20171007 Jim Mariah Silver Anniversary with Roger Wilco
20180228New Dances to Try
20180505 Caller's Choice with Boney Goat String Band
20180602 Caller's Choice with Lonely Mountain Duo
20180627 Actualized Stone Lake WI with Second Wind String Band
20180627 Stone Lake WI with Second Wind String Band
20180815 Free Outdoor Green Lake with Open Band
20180815 Green Lake Outdoor Open Band
20180824 sugar hill
20181123 Actualized Stone Lake with Second Wind String Band
20181123 Stone Lake with Second Wind String Band
20181202 Caller's Choice with Ramblin' Rosies
20181215 Childgrove with Stringdancer for 75th birthday
20191129 Stone Lake with Second Wind String Band
20200104 STL Callers Choice with Blind Pig
20211115 Stone Lake WI Swampcon 2
20220305 Stone Lake Practice Dance
20220402 Seeley Fiddle Fest (Annie & The Oaklies, Four Mile Portage)
20220702 Stone Lake w/ Annie & Oaklies
20220903 Pine Brook w/ Annie & Oaklies
20221112 Sawmill Saloon w/ Annie & Oaklies
20230114 Stone Lake w/ Annie & Oakleys
20230122 Stone Lake Practice
20230211 Stone Lake w/ Annie & Oakleys
20230311 Stone Lake w/ Annie & Oakleys
20230422 Stone Lake Annie Oakleys
20230501 Seeley Fiddle Fest
20230527 Stone Lake Annie Oaklies
20230708 Stone Lake Annie Oakleys
20230812 Stone Lake Annie Oakleys
20231111 Stone Lake Annie Oakleys
20231201 Ashland First Friday
Allison Dances to Try