Tag, You're It

hook: interrupted hey for three, contra hey for three

by: Martha Wild

formation: improper

A1 16
interrupted hey for three+
A2 16
ones meltdown swing
B1 4
down the hall and bend the line
twos swing, ones stand back
B2 4
up the hall, twos in the center
ones gate twos to face into the set
long lines forward
gentlespoons roll away neighbors as they step left to progress ⁋

+interrupted hey for three: Ladle #1 essentially walks a half figure eight alone through couple #2, but couple #2 dances the whole thing as a hey for 3. Ladle #1 passes left shoulder with ladle #2, end in partner’s place (or just behind him). Gentlespoon #1 then finishes the half hey for three by doing what seems to him to be another half figure 8 with couple 2, passing right shoulder now with ladle #2 who has crossed the set and turned back on her portion of the hey for 3. It's easier to do than explain.

On the 4 in line up the set, the #2 couple is in the middle.

This is called “Tag, You’re It” because the ladle can tag her partner to gently remind/propel him into his portion of the half figure eight/hey. I took this move from an English country dance (Autumn Moon, by Gary Roodman) that I enjoy. For couple #2, the hey for three should feel continuous. For the #1 couple, each part feels more like a half figure 8.


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