Grease & Glue

hook: simple contraform dance with no swing

by: Linda S. Mrosko

formation: improper or proper

Role-free -- all you need is a partner

A1 8
ones split twos, return to place
ones do si do once
A2 8
twos split ones, return to place
twos do si do once
B1 8
star right 4 places
star left 4 places
B2 16
neighbors do si do 1½ as couples ⁋

Linda notes: Since contra dances are almost impossible to teach to a loud, boisterous, energetic bunch of 18-year olds who have never heard of or seen a contra dance, I decided to give this a whirl -- and it worked -- mostly! It would probably be better with a smaller more sedate crowd.


user: Allison Jonjak

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