Roll Away

hook: a square to teach roll away

by: Bill Sudkamp

formation: square dance

Any break will do

A1 8
heads (sides) forward and back
heads (sides) right left through
A2 8
heads (sides) pass through and cross trail
heads (sides) go around 2 to form lines at the sides (heads) + +
B1 4
two ladles roll away with a half sashay + side ladles roll head ladles (right to left)
two gentlespoons roll away with a half sashay + head gentlespoons roll side gentlespoons (right to left)
center two roll away with half sashay + gentlespoon rolls opposite
everybody roll away with a half sashay + gentlespoons roll corners
B2 8
partners swing
partners promenade home

/+This gives a gentlespoon-gentlespoon-ladle-ladle line with heads at the ends on the opposite side of the square from their home position.

"Two ladles (in each line) roll away with a half sashay; two gentlespoons roll away (right to left); center two roll away (gentlespoon rolls ladle); everybody roll away."

Intended to teach roll away to beginners. Wade Pearson suggests a cross-trails through-free version here:


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