String of Swings

hook: Three quick swings

by: Rick Mohr and Bob Isaacs

formation: improper

Ones step between twos to form short lines facing down

A1 8
down the hall and turn alone
up the hall, ones back to back in the center, face neighbors
A2 16
neighbors start a full hey - lefts on ends, rights in center
B1 8
neighbors allemande left 1½
twos swing
B2 8
neighbors swing
ones swing ⁋

Rick Mohr notes: the sequence of swings can be a thrill, especially if dancers end each of them with their back to the person they're going to swing next and then continue momentum to whirl 180° to the right and immediately into the next swing. (The gentlespoon in particular need extra encouragement to turn right out of each swing.)

Here's how I do that part of the walk-through: 2's—finish your swing facing each other in the center, with your back to your neighbor. 1's be ready to catch them! 2's whirl right, right into a swing with your neighbor. End that swing facing your neighbor, with the 1's back-to-back in the center. 1's—whirl right, right into a swing with your partner.

The neighbor swing in B2 ends in the middle of the phrase, something I usually avoid because dancers are so used to swinging until the end of the phrase. But this dance has always worked well, maybe because the series of short swings is a clear focus.

Thanks to co-author Bob Isaacs for greatly improving the sequence of surrounding figures for the string of swings.

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