Jefferson And Liberty

hook: proper with arches, side irrelevant

by: Chestnut

formation: proper

A1 8
circle left 4 places
circle right 4 places
A2 8
star right 4 places
star left 4 places
B1 8
ones down the outsides and turn alone
ones up the outsides and end in long lines, ones in the center, facing down the hall
B2 4
down the hall
ones arch twos dive ⁋
up the hall 2x2 with the twos leading, then ones turn around to face the next

G Campbell Kaynor notes: For a simple proper dance I do one called Jefferson and Liberty to the tune of the same name (Thos Jefferson's campaign song, a.k.a the Gobby O, an American Irish Jig)

It doesn't matter if people get on the wrong side of the set so I often start the night with this if there are lots of newcomers


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