Permission to publish dances: Deceased And Unknown

New Dance
Actions Title User Formation
Chorus Jig Chet Gray proper
Chorus Jig Allison Jonjak proper
Cincinnati Reel Allison Jonjak circle mixer
Circassian Circle Moose Flores Circle Mixer
Galopede Allison Jonjak improper or proper
Galopede variation Ezra Smith improper or proper
Genet's Recall Nicholas Rockstroh triple proper
Haste to the Wedding Allison Jonjak Sicilian circle
Haymaker's Jig Allison Jonjak improper
Hull's Victory Allison Jonjak proper
Jefferson And Liberty Allison Jonjak proper
Jefferson And Liberty variation Carrie Lynn Dayton-Madsen proper
Jefferson's Reel Allison Jonjak proper
Lamplighter's Hornpipe Nicholas Rockstroh proper
Patty Cake Polka Allison Jonjak Circle Mixer
Petronella Nicholas Rockstroh proper
Rory O'More Nicholas Rockstroh proper
Scottish Reel Allison Jonjak Longways Sets, 4-6 Couples
Speed the Plough (American Version) Allison Jonjak improper
The Gay Gordons (step together/step apart version) Allison Jonjak circle mixer
Virginia Reel Allison Jonjak four couple longways set