Chorus Jig

hook: classic contra corners with inactive opportunities

by: Chestnut

formation: proper

A1 8
ones down the outsides and turn alone
ones up the outsides
A2 8
ones down the center and turn alone
ones up the center, cast around same-role neighbor ⁋
B1 16
ones contra corners
B2 16
partners balance & swing

Danner Claflin notes: Chorus jig is still an amazing dance. Being an 'inactive' is the best. Here's the calls for the inactives:

A1: Swing Partner, separate
A2: Allemande person behind you (in another set), come back and cast off actives
B1: Contra corners: Left to your first corner, right to the person behind you, left to your second corner, end facing person behind you
B2: Balance and swing person in other set.


user: Allison Jonjak

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