Moose Flores


Actions Title Choreographer Formation
Andie's Blue Boot Becket Moose Flores Becket
Andie's Blue Boot Becket variation Moose Flores Becket
Arpeggio Moose Flores improper
Chicago Shuffle Moose Flores improper
Circassian Circle Chestnut Circle Mixer
Complicity Swing Moose Flores improper
Crystal Prelude Moose Flores Becket
Dance the Snapper Moose Flores Becket
Dave Found the Missing Coffee Cup (reupload) Michael Fuerst Becket
Do-si-dolphin Moose Flores improper
Dolphin Poussette Moose Flores improper
Dolphin Poussette variation Moose Flores Becket ccw
Hey in the Barn alternating variation Moose Flores improper
Hey of a Different Color Moose Flores improper
Hey of a Different Color variation Moose Flores improper
Ice Cream in the Sink Kathy Hirsh circle
Moose Tracks Elizabeth Bloom Albert Becket
Northalstead Jig (Riverside Jig variation) Moose Flores Becket
Penny’s Calinella Twirl Moose Flores Becket
Qwill & Paper Moose Flores improper
Rory O'S'mores Moose Flores improper
Shadow Boxing Elizabeth Bloom Albert Becket ccw
Shambolic Moose Flores Becket
Sharon of the Green Jane Ewing improper
Squirrel! Chris Page improper
The Becket Reel Herbie Gaudreau Becket
The Nice Complication Moose Flores improper
The Slinky Walk Chris Page, Moose Flores Becket
Waldorf Colonnade Moose Flores, Devin J. Pohly improper


This is for dances that aren't ready to call. They're not discoverable from the main dance search page.

Actions Title Choreographer Formation
42 minutes of Puffin Pablo 0.1 Moose Flores Becket
"Does this work?" Moose Flores Becket ccw
"Fall Statement" 0.1 Moose Flores Becket
Barber Teeny's Trampoline 0.1 Moose Flores Becket ccw
Barber Teeny's Trampoline 0.1 variation Moose Flores Becket ccw
Beach Flowers 0.1 Moose Flores Becket
Beach Grass 0.1 Moose Flores Becket
Cerulean 0.1 Moose Flores Becket
Chain the Gnat 0.1 Moose Flores improper
Chinese Pickles 0.1 Moose Flores improper
Connect Four 0.1 Moose Flores Becket
Crystal Prelude variation Moose Flores Becket
Dippin-Dots Moose Flores improper
Diving Under the Double Rainbow 0.3 Moose Flores Becket
Dogs & Catenaries Dave Pokorney Becket
Double Rory O'S'mores 0.1 Moose Flores improper
Druzy Green 0.1 Moose Flores Becket ccw
First Cause 1.1 Moose Flores Becket ccw
Flirt Delete Fling Moose Flores improper
Flirt Delete Fling 0.2 Moose Flores improper
Four City Swing 0.1 Moose Flores four face four
Hearing Our Voices Shine (Happy Birthday Heidi, from Jeremy) Moose Flores Becket ccw
Heather’s Poussette Moose Flores improper
It's All Backwards 0.1 Moose Flores improper
La Tome Pet (La Tempete) Moose Flores four face four
Lakestar Contra Daniel Clark improper
Laminar Groove Moose Flores improper
Low German Junction (hey figure) 0.1 Moose Flores four face four
Low German Junction (hey figure) 0.2 Moose Flores four face four
Low German Junction (hey figure) 0.3 Moose Flores four face four
Mancala Contra 0.1 Moose Flores improper
Name me Please Moose Flores Becket
Notorious Second Date 0.1 Moose Flores improper
Penny Farthing 0.1 Moose Flores improper
Petrofornia Twirl 0.1 Moose Flores Becket
Poussette Chain (?) Moose Flores Becket
Promenade Lemonade 0.1 Moose Flores Circle Mixer
Shadow Nova Moose Flores, Stephen Ulrich Becket
Sharon of the Green variation Moose Flores improper
Slo Mo Bo Circ (Slow Motion Box Circulate) Elizabeth Bloom Albert Becket
Star Colonnade 0.3 Moose Flores Becket ccw
Summer Stars Moose Flores four face four
Summer Stars 0.2 Moose Flores four face four
Tenth Year in Tommerup variation 0.1 Moose Flores Becket ccw
“Revolving Poussette” Moose Flores Becket


Actions Title
2021-11-21 Rob & Amy's
2022-02-13 Dennis's Valentine's Dance
2022-04-30 Rob & Amy's
2022-05-29 Dennis, Techno
2022-06-05 GP dance
2022-06-11 Dennis's for Nicky
2022-09-19 CBDC w/ Georges
2022-10-22 Rob & Amy's
2022-11-22 CBDC w/ Jo (& Moose)
2022-12-04 GP dance
2023-02-11 Valparaiso
2023-02-18 QCC
2023-04-03 CBDC
2023-04-15 GP dance, Rob & Amy's
2023-04-15 QCC
2023-04-29 GP dance, I.B. Park
2023-05-06 Delafield
2023-07-15 QCC
2023-07-22 Dennis's
2023-08-05 Dennis's Techno
2023-09-16 QCC
2023-10-15 Wedding reception ONS
2023-10-20 Dennis's Halloween Dance
2023-10-23 CBDC
2023-10-28 Plank Road Folk Music Society
2023-11-11 Valparaiso
2023-11-11 Valparaiso copy
2023-11-12 Grace - Glen Ellyn
2023-11-25 BUT GP
2023-12-02 GP dance
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