2023-04-15 GP dance, Rob & Amy's

user: Moose Flores



toggle validations for common dance entry errors, e.g. typing 'gentlemen' when you're using 'leads'

Low German Junction (hey figure) 0.3

by: Moose Flores

introduces moves: circle, swing, allemande, square through, hey, petronella

formation: four face four

Most of the dance is with your neighbors, except the half hey figure, which is with your traveling buddies ("shadows" in B1).

A1 8
circle left 3 places
neighbors swing
A2 8
ladles allemande right 1½
partners swing
B1 8
square through two - neighbors balance & pull by right, then partners pull by left
shadows start a half hey - lefts on ends, rights in center, pass your partner, and join hands with your neighbors
B2 8
circle right 3 places (gentlespoons are already going ccw)
balance & petronella, face new neighbors

As in Dutch Crossing, end the half hey right after passing by your partner. For the circle, gentlespoons are already moving in that direction, so they get to lead the circle to the /right/.
+ Flutterby is similar to Revolving Door, but picking up instead of dropping off.

Nederlander Interchange (X & O) 0.1

by: Moose Flores

This dance is not published.

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