Rory O'S'mores

hook: Inspired by S'Mores

by: Moose Flores

formation: improper

Give coaching for B1) Pass through to an ocean wave & [centers] AL 1/2
This is a good spot for error checking: Everyone should be facing direction of travel and have a neighbor in right hand.

A1 8
star left 4 places
star right 3 places
A2 16
partners meltdown swing
B1 4
pass through to an ocean wave - ladles by left in the center, neighbors by right on the sides
ladles allemande left ½
balance & Rory O'More right
B2 8
balance & Rory O'More left
neighbors balance & pull by right ⁋

For Andrea.
Inspired by the treat: Stars are roasting the marshmallows (gotta get both sides!) and the Rory O'Mores are like pulling the roasting stick out from the sandwich.
Debut: 2018-10-14


user: Moose Flores

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