Jo's Bday

user: Moose Flores



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Dance the Snapper

by: Moose Flores

introduces moves: long lines, allemande orbit, form an ocean wave, custom, star, hey, swing

formation: Becket

A1 8
long lines forward & back
gentlespoons allemande left once around while the ladles orbit clockwise ½ around
A2 0
form an ocean wave - gentlespoons by left hands and neighbors by right hands
balance the wave & "Spank the Alligator" + ⁋
star right - hands across - 4 places - gentlespoons drop out, ladles pull by to start ...
B1 16
ladles start a full hey - rights in center, lefts on ends
B2 16
partners balance & swing

For the Gator in Humbolt Park, Chance the Snapper
+ Spank the Alligator (from B2 of Joseph Pimentel's Hotpoint Special) All take a small step forward & face right. Partners walk single file, turning right to go up/down the set to new neighbors across.

2024-03-25 Updated (removed the rollaway).

Chicago Shuffle

by: Moose Flores

introduces moves: do si do, allemande, petronella, balance the ring, California twirl

formation: improper

A1 8
neighbors do si do once as couples
neighbors do si do once
A2 16
neighbors balance & swing
B1 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
partners swing
B2 8
balance & petronella
balance the ring
partners California twirl ⁋

Optional: last time
B1) Long lines forward & back, Gentlespoons allemande left 1 1/2
B2) Partners balance & swing

Variation on Cherokee Shuffle