Andie's Blue Boot Becket variation

hook: Star-promenade-star progression

by: Moose Flores

formation: Becket

Double progression!
Have dancers find/point to their first Next Neighbors for recognition (the couple past the usual next neighbors).

A1 8
circle left 3 places
neighbors swing
A2 8
long lines forward & back
ladles chain
B1 4
star left 2 places (a little less)
partners promenade right diagonal single file, (passing right shoulders to trade places with a couple and THEN finding new neighbors across). ⁋
star right 4 places
B2 16
partners meltdown swing

For Andie (and her boots) on her birthday
If there is no couple on your right diagonal, turn as a couple and star right with new neighbors.


user: Moose Flores

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