Diving Under the Double Rainbow 0.3

hook: AL to LH star, double dive thru

by: Moose Flores

formation: Becket

It's a "double, and reverse one" progression.
Note ones (on the caller's left as they look down the hall) and twos.
Or, note ones & twos as usual after the circle left.

A1 8
circle left 3 places
Ones arch
twos half figure 8 above
A2 4
twos arch ones dive ⁋
twos arch ones dive with a 2nd couple
balance the ring with 3rd couple
partners California twirl (returning to the 2nd couple, your new neighbors)
B1 8
same roles allemande left 1½
star left 3 places
B2 16
partners balance & swing

During the Arch & Dive, make sure the twos are also moving up the hall.
Twos will be half-sashayed for the California Twirl. My suggestion: have the ladle twirl the gentlespoon.
End effects: couples waiting out might get mixed up (ideally, waiting out reverse proper, so bottom couple sashayed), but everything will be fixed at the B2 partner swing.


user: Moose Flores

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