Options for 12-20

user: Moose Flores


by: Moose Flores

introduces moves: allemande, swing, chain, right left through, petronella, cross trails

formation: Becket

A1 8
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
neighbors swing end facing left diagonal
A2 8
left diagonal ladles chain to shadow
right left through
B1 8
balance & petronella
balance & petronella
B2 4
cross trails - neighbors across the set right shoulders, shadows along the set left shoulders
partners swing ⁋

End effects: while waiting out, when a diagonal chain comes to you, do so.
You will spend part of your time waiting out with your shadow and some with your partner. You will still do every partner swing.

Heart of Joy

by: Chris Page

introduces moves: gyre, custom, long lines, star

formation: improper

the 'single file promenade clockwise' can be drawing your neighbor/partner across the set with eye contact gravity

A1 4
neighbors gyre ½
single file promenade clockwise 1/2 (facing neighbor) [1]
neighbors swing
A2 8
long lines forward & back
ladles allemande right 1½ [2]
B1 4
partners gyre ½
single file promenade clockwise 1/2 (facing partner) [3]
partners swing
B2 8
ladles chain
star left 4 places ⁋

Chris Page notes:
[1] While looking at your neighbor. Gentlespoons backing up across the set (carefully), ladles follow them to the other side.
[2] A little different from the normal ladle's allemande, as here dancers don't adjust. Gentlespoons should stay put, and stay on the slight diagonal, rather than adjusting to be across from each other. Ladles allemande right 1 & 1/2, then ease out to the sidelines, having traded places, and now facing their partner on the side of the set.
[3] While looking at your partner. Ladles backing up across the set (carefully), gentlespoons follow them to the other side.

An auction dance written for Heather Visscher. She really liked the A2 move from "A Rare Bird" by Bob Isaacs.

Original at http://chrispagecontra.awardspace.us/dances/#heart-of-joy

Called by Andy Shore on tour with Polaris in 2018.

Hey the Line

by: Tom Calwell

introduces moves: balance, custom, circle, roll away, pass through, form an ocean wave

formation: four face four

From improper four-face-four, step forward & left and form an ocean wave of 8 across (left with same-role neighbor, right with opposite-role neighbor)

A1 4
balance - forward/left & back/right
ladles allemande left ½ - face your partner
partners start a hey for eight - first pass by right, 7 passes - until partners meet
partners swing - end with center couples facing sides and outside couples facing center, join hands four in two rings
B1 6
circle left 3 places
neighbors swing - join hands four with same neighbors
B2 4
balance - the ring
gentlespoons roll away partners with a half sashay - join hands four with same neighbors
pass through ⁋
form an ocean wave - ladles by left hands and neighbors by right hands - (left with same-role neighbor and right with opposite-role neighbor)