Complicity Swing

hook: Double Prog.; var. on Simplicity Swing

by: Moose Flores

formation: improper

Double progression.
Make sure the Gentlespoons are rolling to their left in A1.

A1 4
long lines forward & back
ladles roll away neighbors with a half sashay
ladles chain to partner
A2 8
star left 3 places ⁋
next neighbors do si do 1¼ to right hand Ocean Wave, gentlespoons in center
B1 4
balance the wave
swing through - neighbors allemand right 1/2, ladles allemand left 1/2
partners swing
B2 8
gentlespoons start a half hey - lefts in center, rights on ends - ladles ricochet
neighbors swing ⁋

End effect: If out during the B section, reenter as usual, with the LLFB. If out during A1 (from rollaway, waiting for the next neighbor DSD), wait half-sashayed. Although, if you reenter at the wave on the "wrong side", the dance will put you back with your partner for the swing and all will be well.

Inspired by Simplicity Swing:
I Liked the LH Star to next neighbor DSD, and I moved the swings into the B sections.


user: Moose Flores

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